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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada
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-29 — You too, we confidently believe, if you investigate, will reach that conclusion. WHY THE LAS VEGAS VALLEY? Because the difference IN YOUR FAVOR between the actual PRODUCTIVE VAIUE of the land and its present VALUATION is great-er here than anywhere else. Because LAS VEGAS alone can offer you such a COM-BINATION of advantages as this: SEMI-TROPICAL CLIMATE. FERTILE SOIL. ABUNDANT WATER, ADEQUATE TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES, THE CHEAPEST LAND AND THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR FARM PRODUCE IN THE SOUTHWEST. THE CITY OF LAS VEGAS. Las Vegas has thriving industries, good schools, substantial business blocks, prosperous churches (Methodist, Roman Catholic, Episcopal), numerous fraternal organizations; attractive homes, a population of over 2,000, an elevation of 2.000 feet above sea level, a delightful climate and inspiring scenery. Las Vegas is the county seat of Clark County, Nevada, the Southern terminus of the Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad, and the central division of the S. P., L. A. & S. L. R. R., whose principal shops are here, witn a railroad payroll of more than $50,000 per month. Las Vegas has important gypsum-plaster industries, an ice plant with a capacity of 150 tons per day. cold storage facilities, the trade of a rich mining district, and the following municipal advantages: A supply of pure spring water, piped under pressure, ample for 10,000 population, electric lights with an excellent street lighting system, gas plant, telephone system, modern

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