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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada
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-- 33 -- nual output of these metals. Searchlight and Eldorado Canyon, in the Southern portion, have contributed millions to the world's sup-ply of gold, and are still producing. Along the Eastern rim of the Las Vegas Valley is another region rich in minerals. Nine miles East of the city the Southern Nevada Gold Mining Company, a "close corporation," locally known as "The Frenchman's Mine," has been operating for six years. The company has thousands of dollars' worth of gold ore blocked out and in sight, and is now (1913) erecting a mill of 100 tons' capacity to handle its output. In the Northern part of the County are several productive copper properties; and a number of good prospects, showing silver, lead, zinc and copper, are being opened up in the Charleston Range West of Las Vegas. OPPORTUNITIES FOR CAPITAL. All these resources and developments afford favorable opportunities for the investment of capital. The commercial field in Las Vegas itself is at present pretty well occupied, but Las Vegas is growing, and rich profits await the man who knows when and how to launch a new venture. Town property in Las Vegas doubles in value every two or three years. Dwelling houses and apartments are always in demand and yield a rental amounting to 20 per cent on the investment. OTHER DISTRICTS IN CLARK COUNTY. Not all of Clark County is in the Las Vegas Valley. The Moapa and Rio Virgin Valleys are rich agricultural districts which deserve investigation. The ST. THOMAS (Moapa Valley) ADVANCEMENT LEAGUE, St. Thomas, Nev., and the VIRGIN VALLEY

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