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Las Vegas, Nevada, where farming pays : the artesian belt of semi-tropic Nevada
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-34- PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE, Bunkerville, Nev., will be pleased to supply information about their respective sections. THE LAS VEGAS CHAMBER OF COM- MERCE. The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is composed of representative business and proi-fessional men of Las Vegas and vicinity. It gas nothing to sell, no land schemes to promote, and aims only to furnish free, fair and accurate information concerning Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Valley and Clark County. Its policy is to treat the man who comes or writes seeking such information as a client of the organization, whose interests are to be considered prior to and without prejudice eithur for or against any other interests which it represents. COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Come and see our country for yourself. It will bear inspection. If you cannot do that, write. Tell us your circumstances and what you want to do, and if we do not consider the outlook favorable we shall say so frankly. If we advise you to locate here, you may depend upon it that in so doing you will take no risks that we would not be willing to take ourselves, ADDRESS: The Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas, NEVADA. _______________________ Las Vegas Age Print

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