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Proposal submitted to the delegates representing the States of California and Nevada in reference to the development of the Colorado River
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Counter-Proposal of the Arizona Committee on the Allocation of the Benefits of the Colorado River to the Committees of California and Nevada which was Submitted to Arizona Dec. 1, 1925 The States of Arizona, California and Nevada have appointed representatives for the purpose of negotiating an agreement among said states in reference to the waters of the Colorado River, who, after negotiations, have agreed upon the following articles: ARTICLE I. It is recognized by the parties hereto that the unregulated normal flow of the Colorado River is insufficient to properly irrigate the lands already under cultivation by irrigation from the waters of said river; that the benefits of the storage of the flood waters of said river within the United States belong wholly to the citizens of the respective states; that (without disparagement of the treaty making power of the United States government, the states party hereto and Congress of the United States in consenting to this agreement shall be understood as declaring: That it is their purpose to utilize within the borders of such states all of the waters of the normal flow of the Colorado River heretofore appropriated and put to beneficial use in accordance with the laws of the states in which the same are being put to beneficial use, and all of the flood waters of the Colorado River capable of being utilized within the borders of the United States, for any purpose, by the construction of storage dams within the United States, and particularly that the Republic of Mexico and the citizens thereof shall take notice that they can not acquire any moral or equitable claim to the waters of the Colorado River temporarily made available for use in said Republic of Mexico by the regulatory effect of any dam or dams constructed in pursuance of this agreement as it is the intention and purpose of the states party hereto and the United States to ultimately utilize all of such waters within their own borders. Any express or implied acknowledgment of rights to the Republic of Mexico to the waters of the Colorado River by any instrument, agreement or compact signed prior to this agreement which is inconsistent with the declarations of this paragraph, if there be any such inconsistent acknowledgment or 2

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