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Proposal submitted to the delegates representing the States of California and Nevada in reference to the development of the Colorado River
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declaration, is hereby withdrawn and shall not be renewed or reasserted without the consent of the states party hereto. ARTICLE II. The States of Arizona, California and Nevada hereby agree that the waters of the Colorado River and its tributaries in said states shall be divided, allotted and appropriated as follows: (a) All of the waters of the tributaries of the Colorado River which flow into said river below Lee Ferry, Arizona, are hereby allotted and appropriated exclusively in perpetuity to the states in which such tributaries are located, and may be stored in and diverted from said tributaries or the main channel of the Colorado River for use in said states. (b) There is hereby allotted and appropriated to the State of Nevada for use in said state that portion of the total amount of water of the main Colorado River as measured at Lee Ferry, which can be beneficially used for agricultural and domestic purposes, not exceeding 300,000 acre feet per annum. There is hereby allotted and appropriated for agricultural and domestic use to each of the States of Arizona and California from the remainder of the water available as measured at Lee Ferry, one-half of the waters of the Colorado River. (c) Any diminution of the amount of water allotted to each state between the point of measurement and the point of delivery, caused by evaporation and seepage in storage or in transit, shall be borne by each state from its original allotment. (d) The States of Arizona, California and Nevada hereby agree to limit and control future appropriations and beneficial use of water in said respective states to such an amount and in such manner as will insure that present perfected rights in each said state will be fully protected and supplied out of waters hereby allotted to said state. ARTICLE III. The following rules shall apply to the use and storage of water under this agreement: (a) The use of water for irrigation and domestic purposes allotted in Article II hereof shall be superior to any right of storage for power purposes or navigation and any of said states may divert from the river the water allotted to it at any point on the river, provided that if any state shall take any water so allotted to it out of the main channel of the Colorado River at a higher elevation then the highest elevation of the bed of said river in said state, the works constructed for such purpose shall not interfere with a beneficial development in the state entitled to develop such fall of the river and the state or states taking out water at 3

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