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Proposal submitted to the delegates representing the States of California and Nevada in reference to the development of the Colorado River
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such higher elevation shall fully compensate the other states affected thereby for the loss of power caused thereby to such states. (b) The prior construction of any dam or reservoir for power purposes shall not give any prior or superior right to such dam or reservoir to the regulation of the flow of the river for the benefit of such dam or reservoir, but the rights of all dams and reservoirs constructed under this agreement for power purposes shall be on an equality regardless of the date of construction thereof subject to the following: (1) Yearly and seasonal stored water shall be held at as high elevations on the river as possible in order to reduce evaporation losses and provide regulation for power as well as for irrigation, domestic and flood control purposes. (2) Re-regulation storage for seasonal and daily variations in demand shall be located as close to the land to be irrigated as possible and water for irrigation and domestic purposes shall be supplied first from the nearest reservoir above the point of diversion of such waters. ARTICLE IV. The territory of no state shall be entered upon for the purpose of construction or maintaining works utilizing the water of the Colorado River except with the consent, and subject to the laws, of such state. ARTICLE V. The necessity for flood protection and development of the Colorado River as herein provided for is hereby recognized and established. All private or public lands in Arizona, California and Nevada that are necessary for the construction and operation of works for the control and utilization of the Colorado River for flood protection, irrigation and domestic uses of water and the construction of dams for power purposes in pursuance of the provisions of this agreement shall be subject to the right of eminent domain of the state wherein such lands are located unless they have already been put to a more necessary public use. ARTICLE VI. Each of the states party hereto, and the United States, recognize the acute necessity for flood and drought protection for lands now in cultivation by irrigation from the waters of the Colorado River and hereby pledge their good faith to grant the necessary permits and licenses for such construction, also rights of way to any district or agency that may be created in pursuance of the terms of this agreement for the immediate construction of a reservoir in the main channel of the Colorado River at such 4

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