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Proposal submitted to the delegates representing the States of California and Nevada in reference to the development of the Colorado River
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proportionate share (as determined by Article VII.) of the power produced by such reservoir and works. ARTICLE XI. In the event the United States shall undertake the construction, financing and operation of any development on the Colorado River, for flood control, irrigation or power purposes, and requires the repayment of funds advanced for such purposes, such repayment to the government shall be made in accordance with the United States Reclamation Act and amendments thereto. Each state shall assume an obligation in proportion to the allotment of water and power as provided in this agreement, and assure the government the repayment of all construction costs together with any interest charged for the full amount so advanced. The allocation of water and power, as in this agreement provided, shall inure to the benefits of the states party hereto. Operation and administration of the same shall be under such state agencies as are created in accordance with the irrigation laws of the respective states. After all obligations to the government have been met, the entire benefits shall become the property of the states interested, as provided in Article VII. of this agreement. The contract with the United States to construct works in the states shall provide for dams, power plants, irrigation works, canals, and pumping plants which will enable each of the respective states to irrigate in each state an amount of land proportionately equal to the allotment of water of such state. Any irrigation development where there is a cost for pumping shall be the beneficiary of the revenues derived from the sale of any portion of the power which is allotted to the respective states. Contracts for the sale of power shall be made agreeable to the respective states within which the power is developed. ARTICLE XII. This agreement shall not become effective until it is approved by the Legislatures and Governors of the States of Arizona, California and Nevada, and by the Congress of the United States. Submitted by the Arizona Committee. 7

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