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How Boulder Dam will refinance Colorado River Project : statement to Congressional Colorado River Commission regarding present and probable future power demands, power supply and cost per K.W.H. for Southern California
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LOS ANGELES EXAMINER Office of the Publisher Broadway at Eleventh St., Los Angeles November 30, 1928 Dear Neighbor: The Examiner takes the liberty of enclosing a copy of the report made at the request of the Congressional Colorado River Commission by the Los Angeles Bureau of Power and Light regarding the economic market for Boulder Dam power. This report shows conclusively that the power demand in Southern California will pay all charges, principal and interest, on the Boulder Dam project. The basis for estimates of future power consumption includes such factors as growth in population, industry, agriculture and trade, increase in bank deposits, postal receipts, building, etc. The predictions as to future growth and increases in these several lines are even more conservative than the figures warrant. Those who study this report, either from the engineering or the business standpoint, will find the soundest possible reasons why the construction of a high dam at Boulder or Black Canyons for flood control, water storage and power generation should proceed without further delay. Sincerely yours, LOS ANGELES EXAMINER G.G. Young Publisher Encl.

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