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How Boulder Dam will refinance Colorado River Project : statement to Congressional Colorado River Commission regarding present and probable future power demands, power supply and cost per K.W.H. for Southern California
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THE Question is so often asked: "What is the population of California going to be?" that the diagram above has been prepared to let the question answer itself. These three maps are drawn to the same scale. California covers 158,000 square miles. Great Britain has a population of between forty-two and forty-three millions. Its area is less than 90,000 square miles. Italy's inhabitants number between thirty-eight and thirty-nine millions. Its area is 118,000 square miles. California's topography and climate are similar to that of Italy. Its present population of 5,000,000 resembles that of the builders of Britain in pioneering energy and determination to push its products across the seven seas. One California city alone-—Los Angeles—-is planning accommodations for a city larger than London, with its seven and a half millions. It will locate these millions between a range of picturesque mountains and the open beaches of the Pacific Ocean, where its climate is unsurpassed during any season of the year. (Copyright, 1925 , Los Angeles Examiner)

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