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Springs, where his course was altered to the northeast toward Vegan Warm Springs, in Nevada. This route between Cottonwood, Otis, and Resting Springs is still used. OLD SPANISH TRAIL. When California belonged to Mexico, caravans made regular trips over a well-defined trail that connected Los Angeles with points in Utah. This trail crossed the mountains north of San Bernardino by the Cajon Pass, and followed Mohave river down to a point east of the Calico Mountains. There the trail forked, one branch leading across the east edge of Alvord Mountain to Bitter Spring and Tomaso Springs and thence northward along the east edge of the Avawatz Mountains to Salt Spring, the other branch continuing down the Mohave to its sink, then crossing Soda Lake and Silver Dry Lake and joining the first branch in the pass between the Avawatz and Shadow mountains. From Salt Spring the trail led northward through the canyon of the Amargosa to Resting Springs, then eastward by way of Stump and Crystal Springs to Las Vegas Warm Springs, where it turned northeastward to Virgin river This route was used later as the mail route from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, mail being carried over it once a month for many years. These roads are still used by travelers from Daggett to Shadow and Silurian mountains or to Soda Lake. MOHAVE-KEELER ROUTE. Those who desire to reach points in the western part of Inyo County will find the stage road from Mohave to Keeler the best route. It is an old-established, easily followed road, and watering places and road houses are distributed along it. It follows close to the foot of the Sierra Nevada from Mohave station on the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads, northward to Water station, whence it passes through Redrock Canyon, at the west end of the El Paso Range, and on northward to Freeman, Indian Wells, Little Lake, Haiwee, and Olancha. From Olancha one road skirts the west side of Owens Lake to Lone Pine and Independence, the county seat of Inyo County. From this route, as shown by the map (Pl. I), other roads lead eastward to most of the mining districts. DEATH VALLEY ROUTES. There are three main routes by which Death Valley may be reached from the south. One starts from Johannesburg, another from Daggett, and a third from Barnwell. The Johannesburg route runs by way of Blackwater and Granite Wells. A heavily laden team can leave Johannesburg late in the

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