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morning and reach either of these camping places in the evening. A dry camp should be made between Granite Wells and Leach's Spring, the next watering place, as the distance is 45 miles, and pulling is hard over the last 6 miles on account of deep sand and heavy grades. From Leach's Spring the route leads to Owl Springs, Saratoga Springs, the China ranch, and thence to Resting Springs. At Resting Springs directions should be obtained for going to the head of Furnace Creek, whence the route follows down Furnace Creek to the Borax Works at Coleman, in Death Valley. The Daggett route is a favorite with many. This road runs from Daggett to Otis, thence east of the Calico Mountains to Coyote Well, across the dry lake to Langford Well and Garlic Spring. From this spring the road passes to the east of the Granite Mountains and climbs the Avawatz Mountains to Cave Springs. From Cave Springs it leads to Saratoga Springs and thence to Resting Springs. The Barnwell route was for a number of years traveled by a daily stage running from Barnwell, Cal., to Manse, Nev., but the stage has been abandoned since the construction of the Salt Lake Railroad. This route is still preferred by some travelers, who obtain their supplies at Barnwell or at Ivanpah. From Ivanpah the road extends across the dry lake to the north, thence through the State Line Pass to Mesquite Dry Lake and Sandy; from Sandy northwestward to Stump Spring and Manse; thence to Pahrump and Johnnie and Miller Well No. 2, where it joins the stage road from Las Vegas to Bullfrog. Outfits may also start from Roach or Jean, Nev., and go westward to Sandy. At Pahrump, on this line, roads branch to the Fairbanks ranch at Ash Meadows, but it is advisable to go by way of Johnnie to Miller Well No. 2, and thence to the Fairbanks ranch, where there are springs. A number of recent changes and improvements in the roads give good routes to the head of Death Valley. Travelers can obtain all information regarding these changes at Pahrump and at the Fairbanks ranch. BULLFROG ROUTES. Three main routes lead to the Bullfrog mining district, from Las Vegas, Ivanpah, and Goldfield. Travelers over the Death Valley routes can connect with the Bullfrog roads by driving from Resting Springs to Manse, Pahrump, or the Fairbanks ranch. A wagon road runs from Las Vegas, Nev., northwestward by way of Tule Spring to Indian Springs, thence westward to Miller Wells Nos. 2 and 1, and northward to Beatty, Rhyolite, and Bullfrog. This route is 130 miles long. Ivanpah is the terminus of a branch of the Santa Fe Railway which leaves the main line at Goffs (Blake post-office), Cal. From

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