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Ivanpah a stage line runs northward by way of Sandy, Manse, and Pahrump to Miller Well No. 2, where it connects with the Las Vegas road. This route is highly regarded, as the water supply is excellent, and hay and grain can be obtained at the four stations mentioned. Bullfrog is about 135 miles in air line northwest from Ivanpah. A wagon road runs from Goldfield to Bullfrog by way of Cuprite and Bonnie Claire station, which lies on the west side of Sarcobatus Flat. From Bonnie Claire station the stage follows the east foot of the Grapevine Mountains, by way of the Tonopah Well, Seattle Well, and the old town of Bullfrog, entering the new town of Bullfrog from the west. This route is about 80 miles long. SEARCHLIGHT ROUTE. The Searchlight mining district is best reached by a branch of the Santa Fe that leaves the main line at Barnwell. NEEDLES-PARKER ROUTE. The southeastern portion of the Mohave Desert is best reached by the road running from Needles southward to Parker. Two wells, dug by the county, and known as the "old " and the "new " West wells, furnish water to the traveler. There are no settlements on the route. The completion of the Santa Fe line now under construction from Bengal to Parker will give easier access to this district. AMBOY-DALE ROUTE. A stage line connects Amboy, on the Santa Fe Railway with the Dale mining region to the south. Water can be had at the stage station along the line. MECCA-DALE ROUTE. An excellent road starts from Mecca, in the Coachella Valley, on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and runs northeastward to Shaver well, thence along the west flank of Eagle Mountains and the east side of Pinto Mountain to Dale. This road is well supplied with good water, and is the main route into this region from the south. VICTORVILLE ROUTES. Victorville station, on the Santa Fe Railway, is the starting place for points in the southern portion of the Mohave Desert east of the Santa Fe. A county road crosses Mohave river here by a good bridge, and branches of this road run along the east side of the river to the various mining camps. The main county road runs eastward by way of Dead Man's Point, at the south end of Granite Mountain, to Box S ranch. At this ranch the road forks, a northern branch lead-

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