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ing eastward by way of Old Woman Springs, Mean's Well, and Surprise Spring to Twenty-nine Palms Springs and Dale. The southern road goes by way of Box S Springs, Cushenbury Springs, and the Rose Mine to Twenty-nine Palms Springs. This road crosses the northern edge of the San Bernardino Range, rises to high altitudes, and has heavy grades. The northern route is the better. BANNING-DALE ROUTE. From Banning a wagon road runs by way of Warren's Ranch, Warren's Well, Coyote Holes, and Twenty-nine Palms Springs to Dale. IRRIGATING AND ARTESIAN WATERS. IRRIGATED AREAS. The arid region shown on Plate I is bounded on the east, west, and south, respectively, by colorado river the Sierra Nevada, and the Sierre Madre. The only places in this wide area where irrigation is generally practiced are found along the east base of the Sierra Nevada in Inyo County; in the Elizabeth Lake, Palmdale, and Little Rock districts north of the Sierra Madre in Los Angeles County; in a few small tracts along Mohave river in San Bernardino County; in the Imperial district in Imperial County; the Indio section in Riverside County, and at a few points along Colorado river In the desert proper the patches reclaimed by irrigation vary in size from 4 or 5 acres to 160 acres, and are isolated and exceptional, serving only to emphasize the barrenness of the rest of the region. These oases are all watered from springs and will be mentioned in the detailed descriptions. ARTESIAN WATERS. Certain areas give evidence of having a supply of artesian water as yet undeveloped or but partly developed, but their exact limits and the amount of water available in them can be ascertained only by special study. The writer desires to call attention to the fact that tthey exist and that some of them are worthy of detailed investigation. Artesian zones border some of the larger playas or dry lakes which have a relatively abundant water supply. Near the southern and western limits of the Mohave Desert there are several such basins whose waters are supplied by the run-off from the Sierra Madre and Sierra Nevada. An important basin of this type exists also in the northwest arm of the colorado Desert, about Indio, where several thousand acres of land are under irrigation by the use of artesian waters.

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