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In addition to water in sufficient quantity to give the necessary head, certain mechanical conditions, such as a proper alternation of pervious and impervious strata, are necessary to establish and maintain artesian conditions. Furthermore, such basins in the desert are usually readily exhausted, because the amount of water available to replenish that drawn out for irrigation or other uses is small. In planning municipalities, large mining camps, or extensive irrigation from such waters, care must be taken that their quantity is not overestimated. Artesian waters have been obtained near Haiwee, in Inyo County, between the Sierra and the Coso mountains; at the head of the Salt Wells Valley between the El Paso Range and the Sierra; and west of Kane Dry Lake in Kern County. Another belt in which artesian waters have been developed lies along the north edge of the Sierra Madre in Los Angeles County, in the vicinity of Lancaster. Other artesian belts lie east of the latter zone along the north front of the San Bernardino Range, in the neighborhod of Victorville and farther east in what is known locally as the Lucerne Valley district. The principal wells drilled in this valley are mentioned under the heading "Box S ranch." Artesian waters have been tapped in the northeast corner of Riverside County, in T. 2 S., R. 19 E., San Bernardino meridian. They have been found also on the northeast edge of the basin of which Rodriguez Dry Lake is the sink, at the Flowing Wells. DESCRIPTIONS OF SPRINGS.(a) SYMBOLS USED. Springs, wells, flowing wells, and pumping plants are represented on the map by appropriate symbols, and those described in the text are given numbers; others, whose locations are known but for which no descriptions are available, are indicated by symbols only. In the arrangement of the descriptive matter the plan adopted is to divide the map into rectangles, each covering an area of approximately four townships. These rectangles are identified by letters and numbers along the margins of the map. The numbers and the corresponding descriptions in the text begin at the northwest corner of the map and follow the first row of rectangles eastward to the Nevada line. They then begin in the next row of rectangles to the south and follow it eastward. When all of the descriptions available for California have been given in this order, the same plan is adopted for that part of Nevada described, but the California and Nevada numbering is continuous. Locations can not be given by land lines, because there are many unsurveyed areas in the desert, and even _____ (a) Arranged by map numbers. References to positions on the map, in parentheses, follow the headings.

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