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where, surveys have been made they are old, much of the work having been done between 1852 and 1860, and corners are usually missing. Both on this account and because of the very general way in which many of the springs have been located it is not possible to give the section within which they are found. CALIFORNIA. 1. Oasis, Mono County (A-2).—Oasis is a settlement near the California-Nevada line west of the Palmetto Range. It is about 30 miles northeast of Alvord station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and about 15 miles northeast of Deep Springs (No. 2). Oasis serves as a general outfitting point for prospectors in the Palmetto Range. \l is well supplied with water from both springs and wells. 2. Deep Springs, Inyo County (A-2).—At the south end of Deep Springs Valley there are large flowing springs that have been known since the earliest settlement of the north end of Inyo County, and that have given a name to the settlement and to the valley. They are 13 miles east of Poleta station and about 18 miles northeast of Alvord station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. They furnish sufficient water to irrigate about 600 acres. The settlement is the principal stopping place between Alvord and Oasis. 3. Sand Springs, Inyo County (B-3).—Sand Springs are about 19 miles west of south, in an air line, from Lida, Nev., on the west side of the north end of Grapevine Mountains. They are in Termination Valley near its north end, about 16 miles northwest from Staininger's ranch (No. 5). The water is good, and the site of the springs is marked by the debris left by many campers. 4. Grapevine Springs, Inyo County (B-3).—This is a group of springs on the bench above the floor of Death Valley, about 3 miles by trail due west of Staininger's ranch. There is plenty of water. 5. Staininger's ranch, or Grapevine ranch, Inyo County (B-4).— This ranch is in Grapevine Canyon, which drains into Death Valley, about 22 miles southwest from Bonnie Claire station, on the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad. It is about 11 1/2 miles, air line, northwest of Grapevine Peak. There is an unlimited supply of good water. 6. Barrel Springs, Inyo County (C-l).—There are springs of excellent water in Mazourka Canyon in the Inyo Mountains, about 10 miles northeast of Independence and 6 miles north of Citrus station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. 7. Cold Springs, Inyo County (C-3).—There are two groups of springs near together in the northeast portion of T. 13 S., R. 39 E., about 10 miles northeast of the Saline Valley borax works (No. 13). The springs of one group yield hot water, those of the other cold water. The hot springs lie farther south than the cold. The water

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