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13. Saline Valley Well, Inyo County (D-2).—Twenty years ago Conn & Trudo manufactured borax on an old dry lake in Saline Valley, and dug a well near the works that furnished a good supply of water of fair quality. The well is still used by prospectors on their way to the copper regions on the eastern side of Saline Valley. 14. Bird Spring, Inyo County (D-3).—There is a spring of pure water on the trail from Keeler to North Death Valley near the mouth of a canyon on the east side of the Pinto Mountains. 15. Goldbelt Spring, Inyo County (D-4).—Goldbelt Spring is near the head of a western branch of Cottonwood Canyon, known as Marble Canyon. It is 8 miles by trail northwest of the head of Cottonwood Creek, 4 miles northeast of the crest of the Panamint Range, and nearly 25 miles southwest of Surveyor's Well (No. 18) in Death Valley. The spring, which is surrounded by bushes, is on the south bank of the canyon, about 100 feet above the bottom of the wash. It flows about 20 barrels per day. Two miles east of Goldbelt Spring, and down the canyon from it, is a small spring in a clay bank on the south side of the wash. It yields perhaps 3 barrels per day. l6. Well, Inyo County (D-4).—This well is 7 miles southwest of Surveyor's Well, on the southwest edge of Mesquite Flat, south of the trail from Surveyor's Well to Cottonwood Canyon. The trail is often buried in sand and obscure, and the water is not always easy to find. 17. Ring or Ruiz Well, Inyo County (D-4).—This well is 2 miles southwest of Surveyor's Well, in the Mesquite Flat that occupies this portion of Death Valley. The trail to it may be buried in sand, and the water difficult to find. The well is 4 feet deep, and the water good, although slightly brackish. 18. Surveyor's Well, Inyo County (D-4).—This well is at the north-east corner of Mesquite Flat, on the main road from Staininger's ranch to Furnace Creek. It is 19 miles southeast of Mesquite Spring, 8 miles southeast of the locality known as Lost Wagons, and 20 miles southwest of Bullfrog in an air line. The position of the well is clearly marked by camp debris. The well is 5 feet deep and the water obtained from it is good, although slightly brackish. A trail leads from it southwestward to Marble Canyon. 19. Triangle Spring, Inyo County (D-4).—This spring is 3 miles southeast of Surveyor's Well, on the road from Staininger's ranch to Coleman (Furnace Creek ranch), 5 miles northwest of Stovepipe Wells (No. 20), and one-half mile east of Sandy Flat. It is in a clay bank, marked by a growth of mesquite. There is a small quantity of good water.

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