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20. Stovepipe Wells, Inyo County (D-4).—These wells are near the intersection of the Bullfrog-Ballarat and Staininger-Furnace Creek roads, 25 miles southwest of Bullfrog. They are on the eastern edge and near the south end of Mesquite Flat, 6 miles southwest of Death Valley Buttes. The main road southeastward from them leads to Furnace Creek; the one to the northwest to Grapevine Canyon; the one to the northeast to Rhyolite, Nev., by way of Boundary Canyon; and the one to the southwest to Keeler, by way of Emigrant Canyon. There are two wells about 5 feet deep that yield an abundance of good water. 21. Daylight Spring, Inyo County (D-5).—This spring is just north of the pass in the Grapevine Range, on the wagon road from Bullfrog, Nev., to Furnace Creek and Ballarat, Cal. It is about 10 miles southwest of Bullfrog. The spring is 300 yards west of the road, on the side of the hill. The flow is about 8 barrels of good water per day. 22. Keane Spring, Inyo County (D-5).—This spring is on the west slope of the Grapevine Range, about 3 miles a little east of south of Daylight Spring and 4 miles northwest of the Chloride Cliff mine. It is accessible by wagon from Boundary Canyon by the road turning east up the first large wash south of Daylight Spring. The flow is 30 barrels of good water per day. 23. Hole in the Rock Spring, Inyo County (D-5).—This is a seep in a hole which may contain 6 or 8 gallons of water. It is about 5 miles southwest of Daylight Spring, one-half mile north of the wagon road in Boundary Canyon, and 3 miles northeast of Death Valley Buttes. 24. Salt Creek Wells, Inyo County (D-5).—These are two small wells in sandy earth at the foot of a low hill near the east edge of Salt Flat. They are about 5 miles southeast of Stovepipe Wells on the road to Furnace Creek ranch. The road to Ballarat turns west and crosses Salt Creek here. The water in the creek is very salty; that in the wells is brackish, but usable. 25. Poison Spring, Inyo County (D-5).—This spring is 11 miles east of north of the Furnace Creek ranch (Coleman) in the bottom of a very narrow limestone canyon, the deepest in the vicinity. It is 250 yards northeast of the trail from Furnace Creek ranch to Bullfrog via Indian Pass and Amargosa Desert, and is difficult to find. There is a small seep of water, which may be used in limited quantities. 26. Springs (no name), Inyo County (E-2).—There are a number of springs near the southeast edge of Owens Lake, which have long been known to the stockmen of that region. The springs rise from the alluvium that surrounds the lake, and the water is brackish. It is too full of mineral matter to be palatable, but serves for stock, and is a watering place on the Mohave-Keeler stage road. 27. Cottonwood Creek, Inyo County (E-4).—Cottonwood Creek, a stream of fine, clear water, rises in a large spring about 10 miles above

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