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the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon and flows about 2 miles before disappearing. The canyon opens into Death Valley 11 miles southwest of Surveyor's Well and 11 miles almost due west of Stovepipe Wells. The main trail from Death Valley to Keeler via Bird Springs and Cerro Gordo follows it. There are a number of small springs in the upper branches of Cottonwood Canyon. One is 3 1/2 miles west of the head of Cottonwood Creek, in a side canyon just south of the main western branch. Another is 5 miles above the head of Cottonwood Creek, in the main canyon, on the main trail from Death Valley to Keeler. Still another is 1 1/4 miles northwest of the last, across the divide, 300 yards from the trail, in a small flat. 28. Emigrant Springs, Inyo County (E-4).—Emigrant Springs, which have been used since 1852, are in the northern portion of the Panamint Mountains, nearly opposite the north end of the sink of Death Valley, and about 20 miles west of the mouth of Furnace Creek. They are in Emigrant Canyon, the main pass through the Panamint Range, on the wagon road from Ballarat to Death Valley, Chloride, and Bullfrog. This road also passes Wild Rose Spring (No. 42), which is about 14 miles south of Emigrant Springs. Emigrant Springs receive their name from the fact that they were used by the early emigrants from Salt Lake City, who entered Panamint Valley by this route. They are in a canyon draining northward into Death Valley, at the north end of Tucki or Sheep Mountain, 19 miles from Surveyor's Well, in a wash at the foot of a limestone wall 20 feet high, 25 yards west of the wagon road. The supply is about |0 barrels of good water per day. 29. Spring (no name), Inyo County (E-4).—This is a small spring In the mountains about 3 miles east of Wild Rose Spring. It is in canyon off the main road that passes Wild Rose Spring, about 2 miles from the road. There are a number of other springs, known to prospectors, on the west side of the Panamint Range, but they are away from traveled routes. 31. Salt Well, Inyo County (E-5).—This well is on the road from Furnace Creek ranch to Stovepipe Wells. It is 10 miles northwest of the ranch and 4 miles southeast of Stovepipe Wells. The water, which is too salt for human beings, but may be used by stock, is obtained from a hole in a clay bank 100 yards west of the main road. Well No. 61 is another "salt well," about 10 miles northeast of Searles, on the road between Johannesburg and Ballarat. Salt Spring (No. 75) is in the extreme southeastern end of Death Valley. 32. Fountain Springs, Inyo County (E-5).—There are small springs at the east edge of the butte that lies just east of the sink of Death Valley, about 6 miles north of Coleman. They are used by prospectors and miners in the Amargosa Range.

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