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foot; of the south end of the Funeral Mountains, to supply water for surveying parties at work on the boundary line between California and Nevada. The old road from Furnace Creek to Fairbanks Hunch (Ash Meadows) passed this well, which was in existence in 1901, but other wells have been dug recently on the east side of Franklin Lake south of Fairbanks Ranch, so that travelers now rarely have occasion to hunt for the old well. It was originally about 20 feet deep, and its position is marked by the debris of campers. 86. Rose Springs, Inyo County (F-2).—These are well-known springs between Haiwee and Owens Lake and about 8 miles west of Coso Peak. The water is of excellent quality. 37. Arab Spring, Inyo County (F-2).—Arab Spring is on the east side of the Coso Mountains, about 9 miles southeast of Owens Lake in an air line. It is about 6 miles south of Omes, on the road to Coso, and about 11 miles due west of Darwin. The spring has long been used and is well known and easily found. 38. Crystal Springs, Inyo County (F-3).—Springs of excellent water are located about 6 miles north of Coso and 8 miles southwest of Darwin, on the road between the two settlements. The road from Keeler to Junction by way of Omes and Arab Spring also passes them. They have been known and used for more than forty years. There are other Crystal Springs (No. 316) eastward, in Nevada. 39. Coso, Inyo County (F-3).—Coso is a mining and agricultural settlement on the southeast side of the Coso Mountains. It is reached from Keeler by way of Omes, Arab Spring, and Crystal Springs, or by way of Omes, Darwin, and Crystal Springs. It is well supplied with water, and supplies for travelers can be obtained there. The wafer comes from granite and is of characteristic purity. 40. Willow Springs, Inyo County (F-3).—These springs are away from the main roads and trails, in Darwin Canyon, about 4 miles northeast of Darwin post-office, at an elevation of 3,600 feet. Their exact location can best be ascertained by inquiring at the post-office. The water is said to be excellent. There are other springs of the same name (No. 87) about 10 miles northwest of Randsburg. 41. Spring (no name), Inyo County (F-3).—This spring is in the pass at the north end of the Argus Mountains, on the road from Darwin to Junction. It has long been a camping place and is therefore clearly marked. The water, like that at Coso, comes from granite and is of excellent quality. 42. Wild Rose Spring, Inyo County (F-4).—This is a well-known spring and one of the principal stopping places on the road from Ballarat to the Panamint Valley and the north end of Death Valley. It is situated in Wild Rose Canyon, on the west side of the Panamint Range, about 20 miles north of Ballarat. There is also a road to it from Owens Lake, by way of Darwin. The water is excellent and

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