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roadside about 100 yards east of the old smelter. The water is excellent, and is usually 7 or 8 feet deep. Tecopa is about 7 miles east of China ranch, on the main road from that place to Manse, Nev. It is easily found by following the road directly up Willow Creek from China ranch to the smelter. There is also a wagon road from Tecopa to Resting Springs, which lie about 5 miles north. It is 7 miles southeast of Tecopa station, on the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad. 55. Grapevine Springs, Kern County (H-2).—These springs are 4 miles north of Indian Wells station, on the road to Owens Lake. They lie near the edge of the road at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. A short distance above the springs in Grapevine Canyon running water is always to be found. The wild grapes which grow in the canyon have given it its name. The water is of excellent quality and the supply is ample for camping parties. There are other springs known by the same name near the Staininger ranch, in the Grapevine Mountains. 56. Freeman post-office, Kern County (H-2).—Freeman post-office, elevation about 3,370 feet, is a well-known camping place at the point where the old emigrant road from Bakersfield, by way of Walkers Pass, reaches the desert. Here there are a number of buildings, including a post-office and a small supply store. Meals and accommodations for the night may also be obtained here. There is a fair supply of water. Roads lead from this point in several directions. One passes southward by way of Bedrock Canyon to Mohave, and one by way of Haggin Well (No. 86) and Willow Springs (No. 87) to Randsburg, while another runs eastward to Searles. 57. China Well, San Bernardino County (H-3).—An old well was dug at the Chinese camp north of China Dry Lake when the borax deposits were worked in 1890-91. There is a road leading to it by way of Lander Well (No. 58) from Gardners station (Searles post-office). At it the roads branch, one branch leading westward to Indian Wells and Little Lake, and the other northward to Argus. The well is not kept cleaned and the water is of only fair quality. 58. Lander Well, Kern County (H-3).—This is an old well on the road from Randsburg by way of Searles post-office (Gardners station) to China Lake, thence northward to Argus and other points in Inyo County. The well is about 6 miles northwest of Searles, near a vacant house. The water is slightly alkaline, but of fair quality. The next water toward the north is found at China Well, 14 miles away. 59. Searles Springs, Kern County (H-3).—These springs are about 5 miles southwest of Searles post-office. They supply that stage station with water.

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