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road running directly east. This road crosses a low spur of the mountains and is the best route to Saratoga Springs. The traveler may keep on down the wash to the main valley, but will find very heavy sand and rough driving, and may be compelled to return to the southeast along the foot of the Avawatz Range until he finds the right road. In attempting to cross the Amargosa river directly below this road the traveler is in danger of getting into soft and treacherous ground. 71. Brook Spring, San Bernardino County (H-6).—There is a small spring at the north end of the pass between the Avawatz Mountains and Leach Mountain, to which there is no road. A wagon can be driven to it from the Leach Spring and Owl Springs road by turning off at the dry lake and going southeastward up the wash. The spring is plainly marked by the litter of prospectors1 camps. 72. Valley Springs (South Death Valley), San Bernardino County (H-6).—Strong springs boil up in a marsh about 8 miles northwest of Saratoga Springs. Their waters are so salt as to be unfit for use. As the springs form a clear, sparkling stream for a short distance before the waters sink again, travelers are inclined to let their stock drink from them. These springs can be seen from the road that leads from Death Valley toward the sink. The ground about them appears to be firm, and in most places will support a light wagon, but it is really only a crust underlain by a deep ooze in which both men and teams may sink. There is nothing in the appearance of the ground about these dangerous spots to give warning of their nature, hence the only safe rule, when traveling in the valley away from the main trails, is to test carefully all moist areas and all ground near springs with some sort of sounding rod before walking or driving upon it. The springs are probably nothing more than a part of Amargosa river coming to the surface, as a rock reef extends across the valley half a mile below them. The volume of water supports this view. An analysis of the water made by Thomas Price, of San Francisco, gives the following results: Analysis of water from Valley Springs. (a) Sodium (Na)_______________________________________ 29, 313 Potassium (K)_____________________________________ 1,198 Chlorine (Cl)________________________________________ 20,182 Carbonate radicle (CO3)____________________________ 16,690 Sulphate radicle (SO4)_______________________________ 7,532 Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)____________________________ 346 Silica_______________________________________________ 240 Organic matter_____________________________________ 223 ________________________________________________________________ (a) Expressed by analyst in grains per gallon and hypothetical combinations; recomputed to parts per million and ionic form at U. S. Geol. Survey.

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