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place of the same name, now seldom used (No. 209), lies far to the south at the east base of the San Bernardino Mountains. 79. Horsethief Spring, San Bernardino County (H-8).—Thin spring, elevation 5,600 feet, is located in the pass between the Kingston Mountains and Clark Mountain, on the road that runs from the Williams Well (No. 105) past Coyote Holes. At Coyote Holes the roads branch, one branch leading northeastward by way of Horsethief Spring to points in Nevada, the other going south of Clark Mountain to the town of Ivanpah. The road that passes this spring is very stony and rarely traveled, but the position of the spring is clearly indicated by camp litter. The spring is in shale and the water is of good quality. 80. Cunningham Spring, San Bernardino County (H-8).—This is a small spring on the northeast border of the Shadow Mountains, about 6 miles southeast of Coyote Holes, on the road from the latter by way of Clark Mountain, to Ivanpah. The water is good and the location is marked by the evidences of old camps. 81. Pachanca Springs, San Bernardino County (H-9).—These are small springs along the northwest base of Clark Mountain. They are away from all main roads and are used only by prospectors in that range. They are not easily found without a guide. 82. Ricardo, Kern County (I-1).—Ricardo is the Spanish name of a ranch in Redrock Canyon on the road from Mohave to Owens Lake, where travelers sometimes stop for water. 84. Kane Springs, Kern County (I-2).—Kane Springs are on the west side of Kane Dry Lake and appear on some maps as the Keehn Well. The locality is a station on the stage road from Mohave to Randsburg, by way of Water station, which is about 15 miles southwest. Garlock station is about 9 miles northeast. The water of Kane Springs is slightly brackish. Kane's Wells lie south of east from these springs on a road between Barstow and Coolgardie. 85. Garlock, Kern County (I-2).—Garlock post-office is at the south end of the El Paso Range on the stage road from Mohave to Randsburg, by way of Water station and Kane Lake. It is a general supply point.for travelers and prospectors. From this point the road begins to ascend heavy grades to Randsburg, 12 miles distant. It is therefore a favorite camping place for those with heavy loads. The water is abundant, and supplies can be obtained at the ranch. Kane Springs and Kane Dry Lake are about 9 miles southwest. 86. Haggin Well, Kern County (I-2).—The Haggin ranch is on the wagon road from Randsburg northwest to Freeman, about 10 miles northwest of Johannesburg, 15 miles southeast of Freeman, and 1 mile northwest of Willow Springs (No. 87), at an elevation of about 3,350 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). On this ranch there is a well that supplies good water.

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