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87. Willow Springs, Kern County (I-2).—These springs are at the east end of the El Paso Mountains, about 1 mile southeast of Haggin Well and about 10 miles northwest from Randsburg, on the road to Freeman, at an elevation of about 3,850 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). On account of their proximity to the Haggin ranch, the usual stopping place for travelers in this vicinity, the springs are unimportant except to local prospectors. 88. Summit Diggings, San Bernardino County (I-3).—This is a small placer camp about 6 miles north of Johannesburg, on the stage road to the Panamint Valley. The camp is well supplied with water by local springs. 89. Skilling Wells, San Bernardino County (I-3).—This is a group of privately owned wells about 4 miles northeast of Johannesburg, near the City Wells. The water is used to supply Johannesburg and Randsburg. 90. City Wells, San Bernardino County (I-3).-—This is a group of drilled wells on the southwest flank of Klinker Mountain, about 5 miles northeast of Johannesburg, at an elevation of 3,400 feet. Some of the wells are supplied with windmills, others have steam pumps, and the water forms the principal part of the supply for Johannesburg and Randsburg. The house and windmills make a prominent landmark, which can be seen for 3 or 4 miles. A telephone line connects the city and the wells. The stage road from Johannesburg north to Ballarat passes nearly 3 miles west of the wells. The road from Johannesburg to Pilot Peak approaches within half a mile of them, then turns down a canyon to the southeast toward Willard Dry Lake. (See Blackwater Well, No. 95.) 91. Squaw Spring, San Bernardino County (I-3).—This spring is about 4 miles due east of Johannesburg, at an elevation of 3,475 feet, and is most easily reached by going.from Johannesburg eastward to the City Wells, then southeastward on the Pilot Peak road to the head of the canyon just below the City Wells. There a plain road skirting the side of the mountain to the south leads to the Squaw Spring. It is not on a main line of travel and is used only by local prospectors. The water is good. 92. Blackhawk Well, San Bernardino County (I-3).—Blackhawk Well, elevation 2,665 feet (U. S. Geological Survey), lies at the south end of Red Mountain, about 6 1/2 miles northeast of St. Elmo and about 11 miles by road southeast of Johannesburg. After leaving Johannesburg, on the Pilot Peak road, a road that leads to Blackhawk Well turns to the south beyond the City Wells. The well is not in general use by travelers, because it is not on a main road, but it is occasionally used by those who go from Johannesburg to Barstow by way of Fremont's Peak and the Black Range. The water is excellent, and miners haul it to their camps.

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