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A road that turns off at the wells crosses the divide to the east and extends to Copper City, a small mining camp. The road to Death Valley starts northward from the well, reaching the summit in about one-half mile, and the north end of a black lava ridge in about 3 miles. There it turns east directly toward Pilot Peak. From the foot of the lava point it is a heavy climb for 6 miles up the mountain to the base of Pilot Peak, where Granite Wells are located. 96. Granite Wells, San Bernardino County (I-4).—One of the best-known camping and watering places on the road to Panamint and Death Valley is at Granite Wells, just west of Pilot Peak, a very prominent landmark in the Mohave Desert. At the base of the peak is a knob of gray granite, north of which are a frame house and the remnants of several stone structures. The best water is found in ii short tunnel run into the granite 50 feet northeast of the cabin. At the end of this tunnel is a sump hole, about 3 feet deep, in which the, water collects. This water, coming from the granite, is cool and pure, but the sump often needs cleaning out. About 2 barrels can be got here in twenty-four hours. A quarter of a mile down the hill southeast of the granite knob are an old well and an open earth cut that was made to develop water. This cut is just east of the well and may be clogged with sand, but it can be cleaned out in a few hours, and several barrels of water sufficiently good for stock will collect during the night. From the wells the road passes northward over a low divide and then down to the foot of the Slate Range, meanwhile keeping just west of a long ridge formed by a flow of lava. At the north end of this ridge, which is known as Black Point, the road turns eastward to Slate Range Dry Lake. There the Panamint road branches northward to Lone Willow Spring, while the road to Nevada and South Death Valley runs eastward to Leach's Spring. There are many dim roads that turn off westward toward the Slate Range and Searles Lake, but no water is to be found along them and they are not plainly marked, whereas the main roads described are well marked. On the road to Ballarat and the Panamint Valley there is no water to be had until Lone Willow Spring is reached, high up in the pass between the Slate Mountains and Brown Mountain, a distance of nearly 30 miles over a road that is both sandy and rocky. The road to Death Valley by Leach's Spring is good up to a point within 6 miles of the spring, but this last 6 miles is all upgrade through exceptionally deep sand. Therefore one should travel as fur as possible from Granite Wells, make a dry camp, and pull up the grade to the spring early in the morning. 97. Pilot Spring, San Bernardino County (I-4).—This spring is between 3 and 4 miles southeast of Granite Wells, near the top of the

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