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hill on the old road to Copper City. The water supply is small and the spring is often choked up, because it is rarely used. 98. Lead Spring, San Bernardino County (I-4).—This is a small spring discovered by prospectors who found outcrops of lead ore near it. It is about 4 miles southeast of Black Point, a dark lava knob at the north end of the Pilot Peak Range, where the road from Granite Wells to Leach's Spring turns to the east. In 1904 there was at this point a guideboard that gave directions for finding the spring. 99. Wheeler Spring, San Bernardino County (I-6).—This spring is at the south end of Leach Mountain, in the pass between this mountain and the Avawatz Mountains. Brook Spring is 3 miles to the north and Whitney Spring (No. 100) is 5 miles to the southeast. None of these springs is on a main road. They are used only by prospectors and can be located only by the debris of former camps near the dim trail that runs through this pass. 100. Whitney Spring, San Bernardino County (I-6).—This spring lies about 5 miles southeast of the pass between Leach Mountain and the Avawatz Range. It is on the north side of Granite Mountains near their base, and the water rises from the granite. The supply is not large but the quality is excellent. Wheeler Spring is about 5 miles northwest and Cave Springs are about 12 miles northeast. There are no good roads or trails to this spring, but it may be found by following the dim trail that leads through the pass at the east end of Leach Mountain. 101. Government well at Tiefort Mountain, San Bernardino County (I-6).—It is said that there is still in existence an old well dug by government troops years ago, near the northeast edge of "No. 4 Dry Lake," about 9 miles north of Langford Well (No. 134) and about 5 miles northeast of Garlic Spring (No. 135). This old well is on the road from Daggett to Death Valley, at the southwest end of Tiefort Mountain, and is the only watering place the traveler finds along this road until he reaches Cave Springs, a distance of about 25 miles. The well is reported by recent travelers to have been partly filled by wash carried over it during cloud-bursts, so that water can not be obtained without practically redigging it. 102. Harper's camps, San Bernardino County (I-7).—These mining camps are in the south end of the Avawatz Range. A well-traveled road leads to them, branching off the Silver Lake road to Crackerjack, where it crosses the old Mormon trail. This point is about 7 miles northwest of Silver Lake, and is marked by a plain signboard. The road runs northwestward up the flank of the mountain to the largest canyon, and follows up this canyon to the north. About 4 miles up the canyon the road forks again, the point being marked by a sign reading "Harper's south camp 1 mile" and "Har-

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