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pectors in this region, as it is not on any main line of desert travel. There are several springs of this name in the area discussed, so that the name alone is not distinctive. About 30 miles to the southwest are Cottonwood Springs (No. 162), which are also used as a watering place. 115. Ivanpah Well, San Bernardino County (I-10).—A well has been dug in the bottom of the south end of Ivanpah Dry Lake, about a mile east of the town of Ivanpah, at an elevation of 4,230 feet (Santa Fe Railway). The town is the present terminus of the Santa Fe branch road from Goffs. This well formerly supplied a stage station on the old road from Barnwell, Cal., to Manse, Nev. It is about 140 feet deep and is provided with a windlass for drawing water. The water is only slightly saline. It is still used by those who drive north from Barnwell. 116. Saccatone Springs, San Bernardino County (I-10).—These are small springs on the north side of the New York Mountains and are of importance only to local prospectors and miners, as this region is so thickly settled now as to offer no difficulties to the traveler. 117. Water Station, Kern County (J-l).—This is a well-known road ranch and old stage station, about 9 miles northeast of Mohave, on the road from Mohave to Keeler. Good ranch houses, an abundance of water, and accommodations for travelers will be found at the station. Fremont stopped at the springs here early in April, 1844, on his way from Cameron Salt Lake east by way of the "Desert Buttes" to Mohave river 118. Desert Wells, Kern County (J-2).—This is an old stage stall on on the Mohave and Randsburg stage road about 6 miles northeast of Water station, and 15 miles from Mohave, the junction of the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe railroads. A road runs eastward from these wells to Francis Well (No. 119), on the railroad from Kramer to Randsburg. 119. Francis Well, San Bernardino County (J-3).—This is a drilled well, equipped with a pumping plant, on the railroad between Kramer and Johannesburg, about 12 miles north of Kramer, at an elevation of 4,220 feet (Santa Fe Railway). It is a watering place for travelers from Mohave by way of Desert Wells and for those going by team from Kramer to the mines farther north. 120. Goleta Spring, San Bernardino County (J-3).—At the southeast base of Fremont Peak there is a spring whose name dates back to the time of Fremont's last homeward trip across the Mohave Desert. It is just west of the old road that runs from Randsburg to Barstow by way of Harper Dry Lake and Black ranch (No. 123). Another old road branches from this main road about 3 miles west of Harper Lake and runs southward to Harper station, on the Santa Fe

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