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Railway. There has been very little travel over any of these roads for a number of years. 121. Star Springs, San Bernardino County (J-4).—These springs are about 3 miles east of the south end of Fremont Peak, on the east side of the pass through which the road from St. Elmo to Harper runs. They are along the west base of the Black Range. As there is good water at Goleta Springy on the wagon road directly west, the Star Springs are not important to travelers. 122. Grant Springs, San Bernardino County (J-4).—There are reported to be good springs at the Grant Corral, 1½ miles northwest of the Black ranch, on the old San Bernardino and Panamint road, at the point where it passes Harper Lake. The springs are between Harper Lake and the low range of mountains to the north. As there is a good supply of water at Black's Well (No. 123), these springs are not important. 123. Black's Well, San Bernardino County (J-4).—This well is about 7 miles northwest of Hinkley, at the east end of Harper Lake, on the old road from Victorville and Hinkley stations to Death Valley formerly known as the San Bernardino and Panamint road. An adobe house, which served as the headquarters of an old cattle ranch, is still standing near the well and is in good condition. The well is covered with a platform and the water stands within a few feet of the top. It is dark colored, but nearly free from saline matter. The cottonwood trees that surround the well and house can be seen from a distance of several miles and serve to guide the traveler to the water. To the northwest, across Harper Lake, no water is to be had until one reaches Fremont Peak, but toward the north water may be obtained at the mining camps in the Black Mountains. 124. Murphy's Well, San Bernardino County (J-4).—This well is at the Murphy Dry-Placer Camp, about 15 miles northwest of Barstow and about 6 miles southwest of Coolgardie. Directions for finding it are not easily given, because this region for miles around has been gridironed with roads and trails over which the miners haul water to their placer camps. It is on one of the roads from Barstow to Copper City, and usually there are miners at some of the placer workings who can direct travelers to the well. 126. Coolgardie, San Bernardino County (J-5).—Coolgardie is the name of a small mining settlement, the cabins of the miners being scattered over several square miles of dry-placer workings. Water may be procured at the camp from the miners, who bring it in from the springs near by. The road to Coolgardie is the left-hand or west branch on the second summit north of Barstow and west of Kane's Wells (No. 129). The right-hand road at this point leads east to Kane's Wells.

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