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Soda Lake (No. 139). It is near a rocky point where the road from Daggett north to Government Well rounds a spur of the Soda Lake range. It is a small spring, protected by a barrel sunk in the ground. Since the building of the Salt Lake Railroad it has lost its importance to travelers. 139. Government Well at Soda Lake, San Bernardino County (J-8).—At Soda Lake, a station on the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad, is one of the wells dug by government troops forty or fifty years ago. It is on the eastern branch of the old emigrant road from San Bernardino to Salt Lake City by way of Mohave river and is near the west edge of the sink of the Mohave, at the eastern base of the Soda Lake Mountains. The well is easily found, because its position is marked by the ruins of the old adobe and stone buildings erected by the troops. The water is a part of the underflow of Mohave river and is of fair quality, in spite of the heavy deposits of soda that whiten the surface all about it. The well is a pool lined with stone, about 5 by 8 feet in dimensions and 3 feet deep. It is near the edge of some tules about 150 feet southeast of the largest stone building. The buildings are on the north side of a limestone knob, and the traveler can not see them from the road until he is within 100 yards of them. This knob, however, near the middle of the western edge of Soda Lake, serves as a guide to their position. The tules, which can be seen from a distance as one approaches the well, also aid in finding it. The next water north is at Dante Springs (No. 140), on the road to Halloran Springs and Ivanpah. A road leads northward from Government Well by way of Silver Dry Lake to Death Valley. It passes between the Avawatz and Shadow mountains, but there is no water to be had along it until one reaches Williams Well, at the west end of Silurian Mountain, a distance of about 25 miles, unless one turns off to Berry or to Silver Lake. 140. Dante Springs, San Bernardino County (J-8).—These springs are, as near as can be determined, in the southeast quarter of section 28. They are on the north side of the butte that stands at the northeast end of Soda Lake, on the road from Government Well, at Soda Lake, to Halloran Springs and Valley Wells (Rosalie). It is about 12 miles from Dante Springs to Halloran Springs. The water is of good quality, but its quantity is not large. 141. Borax Well, San Bernardino County (J-8).—This is a well dug by miners on the east side of Soda Lake, about 7 miles nearly due east of Soda Lake station. A road leading from Balch, on the Salt Lake Railroad, to Dante Springs passes it. The well is about 20 feet deep and the water is soft and of fair quality. Analysis

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