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shows the presence of borax and of a small amount of sodium sulphate. 142. Well near Soda Lake, San Bernardino County (J-8).—A well is reported to exist near the south end of Soda Lake, 2½ miles southeast of Epsom station, on the Salt Lake Railroad. The supply of water is said to be good, but the well is not of great importance, because travelers can obtain water at a more convenient point, Balch station, where most of the desert wagon roads leave the Salt Lake Railroad. 143. Spring near Soda Lake, San Bernardino County (J-8).—Prospectors report that there is a good spring at the north end of Old Dad Mountains, about 4 miles southeast of Balch. 144. Marl Springs, San Bernardino County (J-9).—There are springs of good water at the north end of a small butte about 9 miles southwest of Cima station, oh the Salt Lake Railroad. They are on the old road from Kessler Springs to Soda Lake. They have been used for years by prospectors, and are marked by the traces of old camps beside the road. 145. Government Holes, San Bernardino County (J-10).—This watering place is 5 miles northeast of Elora, on the Salt Lake Railroad. More than forty years ago a military road extended from Fort Mohave, Ariz., across the desert to Mohave Sink and up Mohave river This supply road passed the old Piute Springs (No. 149), the Mid Hills, and Soda Lake, and at old Camp Cady on Mohave river joined the emigrant trail from San Bernardino to Salt Lake. One of the wells dug along this road by the troops, years ago, is known as Government Holes. The well stands at an elevation of 5,100 feet, on the west side of the Mid Hills, a range of low buttes just east of the north end of the Providence Mountains and south of the west end of the New York Mountains. The tops of the Mid Hills show granite pinnacles, and the well at their base is plainly marked, as various desert roads converge to it. The well is protected by a corral, and a ranch house stands near it. The water is very good. 146. Out West Well, San Bernardino County (J-10).—This is a well dug at the camp of the Out West Mining Company along the west side of the Mid Hills, about 4 miles in an air line southwest of Government Holes (Pl. II, B). A well-traveled wagon road leads westward from Government Holes to the head of Black Canyon and down the canyon for about 1 mile. It then turns back toward the east for a few rods and northward to the Out West camp. The camp is marked by a stone house and by the old frames of tent houses. The well is dug in granite and is protected by curbing. It is about 40 feet deep and usually contains 15 feet or more of sweet, pure water.

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