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There is no other water to be had along a road that runs southward through Black Canyon until the old mining camp of Providence (No. 164) is reached, about 25 miles northwest of Fenner. 147. Rock Springs, San Bernardino County (J-10).—These springs lie 6 miles southeast of Government Holes, on the old government road running to Fort Mohave, Ariz. They are easily found and the water is of good quality, although the quantity is not large. 148. Vontreger Springs, San Bernardino County (J-11).—These springs are about 9 miles north of Goffs Station (Blake post-office), on the Santa Fe Railway, in the low hills east of the branch line that runs from Goffs to Barnwell, in a canyon on the south side of the summit of the hills. They are easily found, and their water is abundant and good. There is no other water on the road north of these springs until Barnwell is reached. 149. Piute Springs, San Bernardino County (J-11).—These are well-known springs in Piute Pass, about 15 miles north of Goffs Station, on the Santa Fe Railway. They are on the old military road that leads from Fort Mohave to Government Holes, and roads lead to them from Goffs, Ibis, and Blackburn Siding. There are other springs of the same name, about 20 miles northward, just across the state line in Nevada. 150. Indian Spring, Kern County (K-1).—This is a strongly flowing spring, about 3 miles northeast of Rosamond Station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. It is near the northwest edge of Rosamond Dry Lake, on the wagon road that runs from the railroad to Buckhorn Spring (No. 152). Water fit for stock can be obtained here. There is another spring (No. 128) of the same name, on a little-traveled road between Daggett and Copper City. 151. Rodriguez, Kern County (K-2).—This is a pumping station on the Santa Fe Railway, 18 miles east of Mohave. The railway company has sunk a well 40 feet deep at the west edge of Rodriguez Dry Lake, and procured an abundant supply of water of fair quality. 152. Buckhorn Spring, Kern County (K-2).—Buckhorn Spring has been well known to desert travelers for over thirty years. It is on the west side of Rodriguez Dry Lake, about 7 miles south of Rodriguez Station, on the Santa Fe Railway, and about 15 miles east of Rosamond Station, on the Southern Pacific. A cabin belonging to a prospector who has lived there for years stands near the spring, which is therefore easily found. The water, although slightly brackish, is of fair quality. There are other springs about the lake border. One of these is about 6 miles southeast of the wells, on the east edge of the lake, the road to it passing around the margin, and another is about 3 miles north. 153. Spring at Rodriguez Lake, Kern County (K-2).—A spring exists on the west edge of Rodriguez Lake, about 4 miles northeast of

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