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Buckhorn Spring. It is said to be a little salty, but it can be used by men as well as animals. It is not important, however, because Buckhorn Spring is near by. 154. Flowing Wells, Kern County (K-2).—Artesian wells were drilled several years ago on the east side of Rodriguez Dry Lake, 7 miles east of the Santa Fe station of the same name, about 15 miles by road southwest of Kramer, and about 7 miles northeast of Buckhorn Spring. The water is reported to be abundant and of excellent quality, and the wells are at the northeast end of a considerable area in which artesian waters have been developed. . 155. Kramer, San Bernardino County (K-3).—Kramer (elevation 2,479 feet, according to Santa Fe Railway) is the junction point of the Santa Fe main line and the branch leading north to Randsburg and Johannesburg. It is about 174 miles from Los Angeles by way of Barstow, and 38 miles east of Mohave. The railway company has Recently drilled a well at this point, and water can now be procured here by travelers. A good wagon road parallels the railway to Randsburg, on which water may be obtained at Fremont station, Francis Well, and St. Elmo. A wagon road also leads from Kramer to Victorville, about 35 miles southeast. 156. Well at Harper Lake, San Bernardino County (K-4).—There is a well about 1½ miles south of Black's ranch and about one-half mile east of the road from Hinkley to Black's. The well is in an open alkali flat and was once used for watering the ranch stock. The water is brackish and the watering place is not important, for Black's Well is near by. 157. Hinkley Well, San Bernardino County (K-4).—Hinkley is a pumping station on the Santa Fe Railway about 10 miles west of Barstow. There is no town at this point, but the site is marked by the pump and section houses. The company has a well 70 feet deep from which to fill its tanks. The traveler may procure a supply from these. 158. Newberry Springs, San Bernardino County (K-6).—There are large warm springs about 600 yards south of Newberry station on the Santa Fe Railway. The water is clear and pure and is used by prospectors en route to the mountains farther south. The Santa Fe company has built a circular masonry reservoir about the springs and pumps from them through an 8-inch pipe line. The water is hauled in tank cars to supply locomotives at Ludlow and Bagdad. 160. Willow Springs, San Bernardino County (K-9).—These springs are at the southwest end of Granite Mountain and are marked by a clump of willow trees. They are about 20 miles northwest of Cadiz station on the Santa Fe Railway and at about the same distance southwest of Kelso station on the Salt Lake Railroad. A pros-

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