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pector's trail leads to them from Kelso along the east side of Granite Mountain. 161. Cove Springs, San Bernardino County (K-9).—These springs are at the southeast edge of Granite Mountain, about 6 miles south of Cottonwood Springs (No. 162). There is a road from them to Kelso station on the Salt Lake Railroad. The quantity of water is limited, but the quality is excellent, as the springs have their source in granite. They should not be confused with Cave Springs (No. 73) in the Avawatz Mountains. 162. Cottonwood Springs, San Bernardino County (K-9).—These springs, which yield good water, are at the southwest end of the Providence Range, in the pass between that range and Granite Mountain. There is a road from Kelso station, on the Salt Lake Railroad, southward to the springs, which are about 15 miles by road from the station. 163. Bonanza Well, San Bernardino County (K-9).—This is a well sunk by the Bonanza King Mining Company about one-fourth mile northeast of the mine hoist. It is known also as the Providence Well. It is on the east side of the Providence Mountains, near the base of the principal peak of the range, about 25 miles northwest of Fenner station, on the Santa Fe Railway. The well was drilled to a depth of 250 feet, the water rising within 100 feet of the surface. It has its source, apparently, in a porous limestone. The water is of fair quality. There is no water on the road from Fenner to this well, and there is only one other watering place in the vicinity, the old Providence Wells (No. 164), at the mill, 2½ miles to the northeast. It is probable that a considerable water supply could be obtained along the east edge of this range, and that a small area might be irrigated with it by the use of pumping machinery. There are springs of the same name at No. 180, about 18 miles to the south. 164. Providence Wells, San Bernardino County (K-9).—These are old wells near the east edge of Providence Mountains. Their position is marked by the ruins of a little settlement and the old silver mill of the Providence Mining Company (Pl. IV, A). Usually there are miners stopping at one of the houses of the old camp. The water from the wells is excellent, and the evidences of former rather extensive cultivation indicate that it must be present in some quantity. 165. Fenner, San Bernardino County (K-11).—Fenner (elevation 2,084 feet) is a settlement on the Santa Fe Railway, 269 miles east of Los Angeles. The railway company has drilled a well 800 feet deep at the station and installed a large pumping plant. The water is of good quality and the supply is large. Fenner is the trading and supply point for the Providence Mountain and adjacent mining districts. A road leads from it north-

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