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westward to the camp of the Bonanza Mining Company. This road, which may be seen from the station, crosses the desert in a straight line directly toward the prominent Providence Range. About 12 miles from the railway an obscure road branches from it toward the north, going past the east spur of the range. It leads up Black Canyon to Government Holes (No. 145). Near the head of Black Canyon, about 26 miles north of Fenner, on the east side of the road, can be seen the shaft houses of the Out West Gold Mining Company and the road to them. A well-defined trail leads from the shafts eastward across the ridge about a quarter of a mile, to the mining company's camp. There is no water on the main road between Fenner and Government Holes. 166. Goffs, San Bernardino County (K-11).—Goffs (Blake post-office) is a station on the Santa Fe Railway 279 miles east of Los Angeles. It is the junction point from which a line runs northward to Ivanpah, crossing the Salt Lake Railroad at Leastalk. The railway company has drilled a well at Goffs and has installed a pumping plant, from which water may be obtained by the traveler. A good wagon road leads from Goffs northward along the railway. Water may be obtained on this road at Vontreger Springs, about 9 miles north of Goffs. 167. Ibis, San Bernardino County (K-12).—Ibis is a station on the Santa Fe Railway about 296 miles from Los Angeles, just east of the summit that the railway crosses before descending to Needles. A wagon road leads northward from the station to Searchlight, and to Eldorado, Callville, and other points on colorado river in Nevada. The railway company has drilled a well here 300 feet deep and installed a pumping plant. The water is found in cemented gravel and is of excellent quality. Ibis is merely a siding and watering station, and those who need supplies must procure them at Needles. 168. Klinefelter, San Bernardino County (K-12).—Klinefelter (elevation 1,445 feet, according to the Santa Fe Railway) is a station on the Santa Fe 299 miles east of Los Angeles. The railway company has installed a large pumping plant here to supply its locomotives. The water is taken from large springs that rise in the deep gravels of the Sacramento Wash. This station is the main source of supply for miners prospecting in the Sacramento Mountains, and travelers can always find water here. 169. Needles, San Bernardino County (K-12).—Needles (elevation 491 feet, according to the Santa Fe Railway) is in the valley of colorado river This city is the principal supply point for miners and prospectors in the eastern end of the Mohave Desert. The railway company has large machine shops here, and wholesale stores carry an abundance of supplies of all kinds. The water, which is

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