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easily obtained from shallow wells, is of excellent quality, and miners going into the mountains to the north and west are advised to start from Needles with an ample supply, as there is very little to be found within a radius of 20 miles or more except along the railway and the river 170. Victorville, San Bernardino County (L-4).—Victorville is on the main line of the Santa Fe Railway and is the starting point for the most important county roads running east and west along the north base of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains. Mohave river which flows through the town, is crossed here by means of a bridge, but at other points above and below it must be forded. Ordinarily this is a simple matter, but occasionally, in fall and winter, when travel on the desert is at its maximum, heavy storms in the mountains so increase the flow in the river as to render it unfordable. The railway company has a well and pumping plant at Victorville, and artesian wells have been developed in the vicinity, so that there is always an abundance of water to be had here. The town is also an outfitting point where teams and supplies of all kinds may be procured. 171. Colony Well, San Bernardino County (L-4).—This well is about 9 miles east of Victorville and about 4½ miles north of the county road that runs southeastward from the town. It was dug to supply an agricultural settlement that has recently been established in the desert. The well is about 50 feet deep and yields a limited supply of water of poor quality. 172. Spring {no name), San Bernardino County (L-4).—This is a spring on the south side of a western spur of Granite Mountain, about 14 miles northeast of Victorville, on the main road from Victorville to Daggett. The water is good and the place is well marked by debris left by numerous camping parties. This spring furnishes the only water to be obtained on this road between Victorville and Daggett, The main trend of Granite Mountain is north and south, but at the north end a cross ridge runs east and west. This spring is along the south edge of the western extension of this ridge. 173. Ord Spring, San Bernardino County (L-5).—This spring is located at the western edge of Ord Mountain, on the road that leads southward from Daggett between Ord and Granite mountains. It is an old camping place and is readily found. A road runs southward from it along the east side of Granite Mountain to the county road at Dead Man's Point, and another connects with the county road from Victorville to Daggett. The water is of good quality. 174. Le Conte Springs, San Bernardino County (L-5).—These springs are at the east end of Ord Mountain, about 35 miles east of Victorville and 22 miles southwest of Newberry, on the road that con-

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