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nects these two points. The road is well traveled and the springs are plainly marked by the rubbish left by campers. 175. Willow Springs, San Bernardino County (L-5).—These springs are at the north end of Ord Mountain, about 5 miles in an air line north of Le Conte Springs, and about 15 miles south-southeast of Daggett. There is no road or trail leading directly to them and they are used only by prospectors who know of their location. The water is of good quality. Travelers from Victorville to Newberry Springs can obtain a supply of water at Le Conte Springs, which are much more, easily found. 176. Kane's Spring, San Bernardino County (L-6).—There is a spring of good water at the east base of Kane Mountain, about 6½ miles southwest of Troy station and about 9 miles by road southeast of Newberry station, on the Santa Fe Railway. The spring is on the wagon road from Victorville to Newberry by way of Dead Man's Point and Le Conte Springs. 177. Spring (no name), San Bernardino County (L-16).—This spring is in the pass between Bessemer Mountain and a western extension of the Bullion Mountains, about 12 miles south of Hector siding, on the Santa Fe Railway, and about 6 miles south of the road from Newberry station to Mean's Well (No. 198). It is not on any main road. The water is slightly brackish, but is used by the miners who are developing the iron deposits in Bessemer Mountain. 178. Peacock Spring, San Bernardino County (L-7).—This spring is at the northwest end of the Bullion Mountains, south of a dry lake. It is about 10 miles from Lavic station, on the Santa Fe Railway, by a wagon road that leads southward from Lavic to Mean's Well (No. 198) and the San Bernardino Mountains. No other water is to be had along this road until Mean's Well is reached, 15 or 20 miles farther to the southwest. The position of the spring is marked by the dry lake and by rubbish of the kind usually found at all old desert camping places. 179. Mascot Spring, San Bernardino County (L-8).—There is said to be a spring at the base of the lava flow near the northwest edge of Bristol Dry Lake, about 4½ miles south of Bagdad station. 180. Bonanza Springs, San Bernardino County (L-10).—There are springs of good water at the south edge of Clipper Mountain, about 6 miles northwest of Danby station, on the Santa Fe Railway. A local road from Danby leads to them. They are used chiefly by prospectors in Clipper Mountain. Bonanza well and Providence wells lie about 18 miles north of these springs. 181. Siam, San Bernardino County (L-10).—This is a pumping station on the Santa Fe Railway about 6 miles southwest of Danby, in a little pass at the north end of Ship Mountain through which the

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