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railway runs. It is the first station east of Cadiz. The wells sunk by the railway company at this point are not deep, but they supply a large amount of excellent water, which is procured from underlying gravels. 182. Danby, San Bernardino County (L-10).—Danby (elevation 3,024 feet, according to the Santa Fe Railway) is a settlement on the line of the Santa Fe 253 miles east of Los Angeles. It is a local supply point for miners operating in Old Woman Mountain, Clipper Mountain, Danby Dry Lake, and at other places in the region. The railway company has drilled a well 637 feet deep and installed a good pumping plant, at which travelers can fill their barrels and canteens. The water is of excellent quality. A good road runs from Danby southward on the west side of Old Woman Mountain to the house built of rock salt on Danby Dry Lake, thence southward to Miller's well (No. 216), at the southwest end of the lake. From Miller's Well the road leads to the Maria Mountains, where there are mining settlements, and thence to Ehrenberg, Ariz. This is the only road southward from Danby. In 1908 a well 60 feet deep was sunk by the side of the road at the north end of Danby Lake, about 2 miles northeast of the Salt House. This well is equipped with a windlass and yields excellent water. The water of Miller's Well is not of good quality, but will serve for animals. Water is next found 15 or 20 miles beyond Miller's well at Brown's well (No. 232). 183. Old Woman Springs, San Bernardino County (L-11).—There are large springs in the main canyon on the east side of Old Woman Mountain, named, as is the mountain itself, from a granite pinnacle at the crest of the range. There is no regularly traveled route along the east base of this mountain, nearly all of the travel being by way of the Danby road on the west side. There is, however, a dim trail, washed out in many places, from Danby Dry Lake on the south along the base of the mountain to these springs. The water in the springs rises from granite and is pure and sweet. These springs should not be confused with those of the same name (No. 196) about 35 miles east of Victorville. 184. Sunflower Springs, San Bernardino County (L-11).—These springs are on the eastern border of a northern extension of Old Woman Mountain, about 12 miles in an air line southeast of Fenner. The springs are in a cove about half a mile up a canyon which intersects the mountain. There are neither roads nor regular trails to them, but they may be found by the cattle paths that lead to them. The water comes from limestone and is of good quality. 185. Mellen, San Bernardino County (L-13).—Mellen (elevation 420 feet, according to the Santa Fe Railway) is a station on the Santa Fe, about 9 miles southeast of Needles, near colorado river The railway company has sunk a well in the alluvium of the valley

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