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enbury Springs, on the county road from Victorville to Gold Mountain, Holcomb Valley, and the Rose mine. The place is very readily found, as the road, which is well graded and well traveled, runs near the orchard, the house, and the corrals. Troughs are built by the side of the road for watering horses. The springs yield sufficient water to irrigate a number of acres of fruit land. A small stock of canned goods and other supplies is kept by the postmaster, so that travelers may replenish a depleted larder here. 195. Copper Well, San Bernardino County (M-5).—This is a new well, recently sunk by miners who are at work on some gold and copper prospects at the east end of Lucerne Valley. It is on the road from Box S ranch to Old Woman Springs (No. 196) and is marked by the miners' buildings. 196. Old Woman Springs, San Bernardino County (M-6).—These large springs are at the north base of the San Bernardino Mountains, about 12 miles east of Box S Springs, on the north road from Victorville to Dale, at an elevation of 3,186 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). They should not be confused with the other Old Woman Springs (No. 183) about 90 miles farther east. The water is somewhat alkaline, like that at Box S Springs. The site is marked by a group of cottonwood trees, a ranch house, an orchard, and an alfalfa field. The springs are said to yield from 8 to 30 miner's inches, varying with the season. Hay may be purchased and other accommodations may be had at the ranch at these springs. 197. Rock Corral, San Bernardino County (M-6).—A well-known spring, marked by an old rock corral, is situated at the north edge of the San Bernardino Range, about 9 miles west of south from Mean's Well (No. 198), at an elevation of 3,600 feet. The water is abundant and good. 198. Mean's Well, San Bernardino County (M-6).—The Gold Pin Mining Company has dug a well 26 feet deep at the northwest edge of Mean's Dry Lake. The water rises within 12 feet of the surface, The company has installed a 12-horsepower gasoline engine to pump the water to its mine, which is in the mountains directly north of the lake. The next water on the west is at Old Woman Springs, about 12 miles distant, but there is another well (No. 199) about 6 miles southeast of Mean's Well on the road to Dale. 199. Wilbur Well, San Bernardino County (M-6).—This well is about 6 miles southeast of Mean's Well and about 16 miles west of Surprise Spring (No. 200) on the country road from Victorville by way of Mean's Well to Dale. The water is of good quality, and the well is easily found, as it is close by the roadside. 200. Surprise Spring, San Bernardino County (M-7).—This spring is on the county road from Victorville to Dale by way of Mean's Well, about 6 miles west of Mesquite Dry Lake, about 16 miles east of

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