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Mean's Well, and about 12 miles north of Mesquite Spring (No. 211). The spring receives its name from the fact that it is in the open desert where one would least expect to find water. It is close to the roadside, and the location is clearly marked by camp debris. The water is of fair quality. 201. Dead Man's Hole, San Bernardino County (M-7).—The springs known under this name are on the west side of Mesquite Dry Lake and east of the county road. They are little more than mud holes in the playa deposits around the lake. The water is full of magnesia and soda salts and is very laxative, but can be used by animals. 202. Spring (no name), San Bernardino County (M-8).—This is a spring at the northeast side of the Bullion Mountains, near some old mine workings about 4 miles west of Bristol Lake and about 8 miles southwest of Bagdad station, on the Santa Fe Railway. A trail leads from the station to the spring, which is used only by local prospectors. 203. Spring (no name), San Bernardino County (M-10).—This spring is on the west side of Old Woman Mountain, on an old road that runs from Dale northward to a point about 9 miles south of Cadiz, where it turns eastward and crosses the road from Danby station to Danby Lake. It is the first road crossed in driving south from the railway at Danby. The spring is about 6 miles east of the Danby road, in the main canyon of the mountain, and is marked by the ruins of a mining camp. A mill stood near the spring at one time. The supply of water is not large, but the quality is excellent. 204. Springs (no name), San Bernardino County (M-10).—These are small springs in the southern end of Old Woman Mountain, about 6 miles north of Danby Lake and about 3 miles east of the road from Danby station to the lake. This road crosses a dry wash containing cottonwood trees, and the springs are found by following this wash into the mountains. They are not on a main road and are not particularly well known, but are used by prospectors. The water flows from granite and is of good quality. 205. West Well (new), San Bernardino County (M-13).—This well is on the county road from Needles, Cal., to Parker, Ariz., and is about 30 miles south of Needles, 4 miles southwest of the old West Well (No. 206), and 25 miles northwest of Parker. It is close by the roadside, is protected by curbing, and is provided with a pump and a covered watering trough. The supply of water is sufficient for all needs. 206. West Well (old), San Bernardino County (M-13).—This well is near the head of the Chemehuevis Wash, on the county road that runs from Needles, Cal., to Parker, Ariz. It is about 40 feet deep and stands in a clump of cottonwood trees. It is protected by curbing and

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