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road from Victorville to Dale. The water is abundant, but tastes strongly of sulphur; and as it is but a few miles southward to other and better springs these are rarely used by travelers. 213. Twenty-nine Palms Springs, San Bernardino County (N-8).— The Twenty-nine Palms Springs are scattered for a distance of a mile along the southwest edge of Twenty-nine Palms Dry Lake, about 6 miles south of the south end of the Bullion Mountains, on the roads from Victorville and Banning to Dale and 27 miles east of Warren's Well. They receive their name from the clumps of native palms growing about them. An adobe building stands near the camping place. The water at the springs is abundant enough to supply a number of mining camps in the vicinity. There are several shallow wells near the springs, from which water may also be procured. 214. Dale Pump, San Bernardino County (N-9).—A pumping plant has recently been installed at the south edge of Dale Dry Lake, in T. 1 N., R. 12 E., the well, however, being just over the township line to the south. This plant supplies water to Dale, a mining settlement about 5 miles farther south. Dale, long known as Virginia Dale, is the post-office and trading center for the prospectors in the mountains around it. The location of this settlement has been changed several times during the last ten years, but with the development of water its present position will probably prove permanent. The well is reported to furnish an abundant supply of water of good quality. 215. Desert Well, San Bernardino County (N-11).—This well is reported to have been drilled near the southeast edge of Iron Mountain, about 4 miles southwest of Miller's Well (No. 216). The writer searched for it recently, but was unable to find it, although it is said to be in the SW. ¼ sec. 3, T. 1 S., R. 18 E., San Bernardino meridian. From the abundance of water plants, however, it is evident that water can be procured without much difficulty in that vicinity. 216. Miller's Well, San Bernardino County (N-11).—Miller's Well is situated on the southwest edge of Danby Dry Lake, among the gypsum knobs at the east base of Iron Mountain. It is beside the road that runs southeastward from Danby station, on the Santa Fe Railway, to the Maria Mountains. The well is about 35 or 40 miles south-southeast of Danby. Brown's Well (No. 232) is 20 miles southeast. The water is dark colored and very salty, and only thirsty animals will drink it. Travelers, therefore, should carry with them from Danby an ample supply for men and teams. It is reported that there is another well on the southwest side of Iron Mountain, but the writer was unable to find it. There are two other Miller wells (Nos. 299 and 301) in Nevada, but this well is not likely to be confused with them.

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