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is marked by two large desert palms, which give the name to the place. The springs yield a large quantity of tepid and slightly salty but drinkable water, the first to be found on this old road southeast of Mecca, which is about 16 miles distant. The next water to the southeast is at Frinks Springs (No. 258), 12 miles away. Since the building of the Southern Pacific Railroad the old wagon road is only occasionally used. The Orocopia Mining Company has established a pumping plant at the springs, by means of which the water is pumped to its mines, 12 miles farther north. 243. Canyon Springs, Riverside County (P-9).—These springs, which yield a small supply of poor water, are in a side canyon north, of the road that runs from Mecca via Salton to Palen Dry Lake. South of the springs the road branches, one fork crossing the pass in the Chuckwalla Mountains to the north and the other fork turning southeastward across the divide to the Ironwood Mountains. Water is again found on the northern road, near the southwest edge of Palen Dry Lake, about 25 miles away. 244. Mill Camp, Riverside County (P-10).—This is a mining camp about 30 miles east of Salton, on the Ehrenberg road. There are buildings at the springs, which furnish plenty of good water. 245. Aztec Well, Riverside County (P-10).—This well is about 9 miles east of Mill Camp on the road to Ehrenberg. There is an abundance of good water. 246. Granite Tanks, Riverside County (P-10).—These tanks or natural basins in the granite are at the northeastern edge of the Chuckwalla Mountains. The water, which is of fine quality, rises at the foot of a granite outcrop in a little ciénaga about 25 feet across, and flows over the surface for a short distance before it sinks into the sand. More water could probably be procured here by development. The tanks are on the road from Mecca station to the Ironwood Mountains, about 6 miles southwest of Long Tanks, another watering place of similar character, and about 10 miles south of the Palen Wells (No. 230). Lightfoot or Bowlder Well (No. 229) is, about 14 miles northward by road. The first water to be obtained to the east is at McCoy Spring (No. 249), in the Ironwood Mountains, 25 miles distant. 247. Corn Springs, Riverside County (P-10).—These springs are situated on the east side of the Chuckwalla Mountains, about 6 miles south of Granite Tanks. The water, which amounts to 8 or 10 miner's inches, rises in a local ciénaga. It is probable that careful development would increase the flow and furnish water enough for the irrigation of a number of acres.

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