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248. Chuckwalla Spring, Riverside County (P-10).—This spring is on the south road from Mecca to Palo Verde, near the southwest, edge of the Chuckwalla Mountains, in a pass that separates this range and the Chocolate Mountains. The water is of excellent quality and is fairly abundant. 249. McCoy Spring, Riverside County (P-ll).—This spring is on the west edge of the McCoy or Ironwood Mountains, about 25 miles east of Granite Tanks, on the road from Mecca to Ehrenberg. The water is excellent, but the supply is small, the springs yielding only about 4 barrels a day. 250. Springs (no name), Riverside County (P-12).—These springs are at the east edge and near the north end of the Palo Verde Mountains, about 7 miles northwest of the town of Palo Verde, and are used by stockmen. 251. Spring (no name), Riverside County (P-12).—There is reported to be a good spring on the old Ehrenberg road to Mecca, about 5 miles northwest of colorado river but the writer has no further information concerning it. 252. Borego Spring, San Diego County (Q-7).—Borego Spring is on the west bank of the broad Borego Wash, at an elevation of 452 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). Its distance by wagon road from Julian is about 33 miles. The water of this spring, although somewhat alkaline, is entirely usable. Mesquite trees grow near the spring and in the valley, and salt grass, willow, and rushes are abundant. An old cabin stands on the bank about 50 feet from the spring and serves to mark its position. From Borego Spring the wagon road runs down the Borego Wash about 2½ miles to its junction with the San Felipe Wash, which comes in from the southwest. Just beyond the junction of the two washes the road forks, one branch continuing down the San Felipe, the other turning to the left and crossing the mesa and the clay hills toward Seventeen Palms Springs (No. 254). Neither road is much used, and after rains both are dim and difficult to follow. 253. Clark Well, San Diego County (Q-7).—This well is about three-fourths of a mile north of the northeast end of Clark Dry Lake, at an elevation of 555 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). Trails lead to it from Rock House Canyon and from Coyote Creek valley, and a little-used wagon road connects near Borego Spring with the road from Seventeen Palms Springs to Julian. The well can be easily found from its position north of the dry lake. The water is good. 254. Seventeen Palms Springs, San Diego County (Q-7).—Seventeen Palms Springs lie at an elevation of 410 feet (U. S. Geological Survey), near the junction of three washes in the clay hills, south of the Santa Rosa Mountains. At present only eight or nine palm trees stand near them, the remainder of the seventeen, from which the

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