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were submerged during the winter of 1906-7 by the rising waters of Salton Sea, but will reappear as the water subsides. 258. Frinks Springs, Imperial County (Q-9).—These springs arc about 6 miles northwest of Frinks station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. They are on one of the old wagon roads from San Bernardino to Yuma, near the old beach line that stands about 40 feet above sea level in the colorado Desert. The water is of good quality and in fair quantity. 259. Spring (no name), Riverside County (Q-11).—This spring is at the south base of a western outlier of the Palo Verde Mountains, about 6 miles northeast of the Chuckwalla settlement, on the road thence to Ehrenberg, Ariz. The spring is near the road, has long been known and used, and is readily found. The quality of the water is good and the supply is fair. 260. Mule Springs, Riverside County (Q-11).—These springs are in the main pass on the west side of the Palo Verde Mountains, on the road from Mecca to Palo Verde, by way of Chuckwalla, and about 8 miles northeast of the Chuckwalla settlement, which itself lies at the east base of the Chuckwalla Mountains. The position of the springs is marked by a grove of timber. The water is good and the supply abundant. 261. Vallecito Springs, San Diego County (S-7).—Vallecito Springs are located in the valley of Vallecito Creek, about 33 miles 1 east of Julian, on the wagon road to Carrizo station (No. 270), at an elevation of about 1,600 feet. The old adobe stage station, in use. when this road was a part of one of the transcontinental stage routes, 1 still stands and is in fairly good condition. A watering trough stands near the building, and there are mesquite and cottonwood trees in the vicinity. The quality of the water is fair. 262. Hanna Well, San Diego County (R-7).—This well is at the base of the north slope of Black or Fish Creek Mountain, 15 or 18 miles southeast of Borego Spring, and 10 or 12 miles southwest of Harper (or Mesquite) Well (No. 264). It is not on a main road, but is near the mouth of a canyon heading in a pass that leads to the valley of Carrizo Creek. The water is good. 263. McCain Springs, Imperial County (R-8).—McCain Springs are about 5 miles somewhat east of south of Clay Point, mentioned in the description of Soda Springs (No. 255). They are in the center of a broad wash, locally called the Arroyo Grande, and are marked by three large sand dunes from a quarter to half a mile southwest. The surrounding country is traversed by numerous gulches from 6 to 20 feet in depth and often difficult to cross. The springs, which are well below sea level, have built up a small mound in the bed of the, wash. The water appears to be charged with carbonic acid gas and is fairly palatable.

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