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From Mountain Springs the wagon road leading to the desert runs through a rocky gorge in which water can be found a portion of the year. From the mouth of the gorge the surface slopes gently eastward to Coyote Well, 12 miles from Mountain Springs and 45 miles from Campo. 275. Jacumba Springs, San Diego County (T-7).—Jacumba Springs are about 24 miles east of Campo, near the quarter-section corner between sections 7 and 8, T. 18 S., R. 8 E., and about ¼ mile north of Monument No. 233 of the boundary line between the United States and Mexico, at an elevation of about 2,825 feet. They are on the west side of a long, open valley whose outlet is to the northeast, through a deep, narrow gorge. The greater part of this valley, which is the head of the Carrizo Creek drainage system, is in Mexico. The springs include one of cold water and several that yield waters with temperatures ranging from 86° to 98° F. These thermal waters are regarded as medicinal, and a bath house and other accommodations are provided for travelers. NEVADA. 276. Palmetto, Esmeralda County (A-3).—This is one of the oldest settlements in the northern portion of the Palmetto Range, and is an outfitting point for prospectors in that region. It is reached by a road from Alvord station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad, by way of Deep Springs and Oasis, and is well supplied with water from both wells and springs. 277. Indian Spring, Esmeralda County (A-3).—This spring is about 6 miles east of the Palmetto Mountains and about the same distance northwest of Barrel Springs (No. 278). Parties prospecting in the region can obtain full directions for reaching it at Palmetto or at Lida. 278. Barrel Springs, Esmeralda County (A-3).—These springs are in the eastern edge of the Palmetto Mountains, about 1 mile northeast of Lida and about 5 miles southeast of Indian Spring. As the country is comparatively well settled, directions for finding the springs can be had at Lida or at Palmetto. 279. Gold Mountain, Esmeralda County (A-4).—There is a well at this point, 1 mile east of Tokop and 20 miles southeast of Lida, that yields a small supply of good water. There is another well 1 ¼ miles northeast of this one, across two small ridges. The water is good. 280. Old Camp, Esmeralda County (B-4).—This is a small spring near the summit of Gold Mountain, having a fair supply of good water.

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