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281. Willow Spring, Esmeralda County (B-4).—This is a small spring on the east side of Gold Mountain, near the summit, 1 ¼ miles southeast of Old Camp. The supply is scanty, but the water is good. There is also a spring of the same name (No. 287) about 20 miles southeast, in the Grapevine Range. 282. Thorp Mill, Nye County (B-5).—This site is marked by an old stamp mill. It was originally a stage station and post-office on the road from Goldfield to Bullfrog, but the station has been abandoned and the post-office moved to Bonnie Claire station, 2 ½ miles farther north. The road between Goldfield and Bullfrog passes the mill. A well and a spring supply an abundance of good water here. 283. Bonnie Claire station, Nye County (B-5).—This station is at the northwest edge of Sarcobatus Flat, about 35 miles south of Goldfield, on the stage road from Goldfield to Bullfrog, at an elevation of 3,973 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). Several wells that have been sunk 12 feet into the playa deposits yield a good supply of slightly brackish water. This station has taken the place of the old Thorp Mill and Summerville stations, about 2 miles farther south and now abandoned. Thorp post-office, originally located at Thorp Mill, has been moved to Bonnie Claire station. 284. Tonopah Well, Nye County (B-5).—This well is about 7 ½ miles southeast of Bonnie Claire station, at the southwest edge of Sarcobatus Flat. A well about 20 feet deep has been sunk in the playa deposits, but the water is poor. 285. Seattle Well, Nye County (B-5).—This well is on the road from Goldfield to Bullfrog, about 1 ¼ miles south of the Tonopah Well and about 1 ½ miles southwest of a dry lake bed. It is about 20 feet deep, but has no pump or windlass. The water is abundant and good. 286. Farmer station, Nye County (B-5).—Farmer station is a halfway house between Goldfield and Bullfrog, on the old private road of the automobile company. It is on the east side of Sarcobatus Flat, about 5 miles east of Bonnie Claire station. Private conveyances use the road by way of Bonnie Claire station, as they can find no water on the old automobile road until they reach the head of Amargosa river 287. Willow Spring, Nye County (C-4).—This spring is about 4 miles a little east of north of the highest peak in the Grapevine Range, known as Grapevine Peak. It is on the north side of a high spur at the end of a wood road. There is another Willow Spring (No. 281) about 20 miles northwest, in Gold Mountain. 288. Brier Spring, Nye County (C-5).—This spring is about 3 miles south of east of Wahguyhe Peak, on the northwest slope of a big spur of the Grapevine Range, about 1 mile northwest of Mexican Camp No. 289, and 1 mile north of the Alkali Spring mentioned

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