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below. There is a plentiful supply of good water. There are also springs in the first canyon due east of Wahguyhe Peak, and about 2 miles a little south of east of the peak. The water is abundant and good. 289. Mexican Camp and Alkali Spring, Nye County (C-5).—This is a wood camp in the Grapevine Range in the first canyon south of Wahguyhe Peak that drains into the Amargosa Desert, at the end of the wagon road about 1 1/2 miles east of the divide. It is about 13 miles north of west of Bullfrog, and 2 1/2 miles northeast of Nevada-California boundary post No. 91. The spring is small, with very little water. There is a trail from Mexican Camp to Death Valley by way of Titus Canyon, and on this trail about 1 3/4 miles southwest of the camp, one-fourth mile west of the divide on the north side of the trail, there is a small spring called Alkali Spring by some. The supply of water is small and its quality is poor. 290. McDonald Spring, Nye County (C-5).—This spring is on the east slope of the Grapevine Range, 10 miles a little north of west of Bullfrog, about 2 1/2 miles north of Cave Rock Spring (No. 291), and 1 mile south of a wood road on the south side of a small butte. The supply of water is small. 291. Cave Rock Spring, Nye County (C-5).—This spring is on the east slope of the Grapevine Range, about 10 miles a little south of west of Bullfrog, and 2 miles south of east of Nevada-California boundary post No. 92. It is well up the slope above the wash and accessible to wagons. The flow is about 4 barrels per day. 292. Currie Wells, Nye County (C-5).—This watering place is 10 miles northwest of Bullfrog, on the road from Goldfield, at an elevation of 4,401 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). Water is obtained from three wells, 10, 12, and 14 feet deep, yielding about 200 barrels of excellent water daily. There is a stage station here, at which meals and forage for animals can be obtained. 293. Mud Spring, Nye County (C-5).—These springs are about 10 miles north of Bullfrog and about 4 miles northeast of Currie Wells, on the south edge of Sarcobatus Flat. They have been extensively used by freighters and their location is clearly marked by camp debris. There is a fair supply of good water. 294. Oasis Valley, Nye County (C-6).—This is the name given to the valley in which Amargosa river rises. In it there are nearly 100 springs, which constitute the source of the river These springs are scattered along the valley for about 6 miles and yield thermal as well as cold waters. Among them are the Oasis Springs, from which water is piped to the town of Bullfrog. This valley should not be confused with Oasis, a settlement in the southeastern corner of Mono County, Cal.

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