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295. Topopah Spring, Nye County (C-7).—This is also called Black Rock Spring. It is about 15 miles northwest of Cane Spring (No. 298), high up on the south slope of Shoshone Mountain, on the east side of a basin bounded on the west by low "calico" hills. The supply of water is very meager. 296. Railroad Tank, Nye County (C-8).—This tank, or natural basin is in the open valley about 20 miles due south of Oak Springs Butte, one-half mile west of White Mud Flat (a dry lake), and 13 miles north from Cane Spring (No. 298). The water is very alkaline, and the tank is usually dry in August. 297. Rose's Well, Nye County (D-6).—This well is near a station on the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad, being about half a mile west of the railroad, on the old stage road from Fairbanks Ranch to Bullfrog. The well is 210 feet deep and yields about 100 barrels per day of good water. 298. Cane Spring, Nye County (D-8).—This spring is on the old emigrant road from Salt Lake to Los Angeles, about 13 miles south of Railroad Tank, about 45 miles south of east from Bullfrog, and 25 miles northeast of Fairbanks Ranch. It is 30 miles by road northwest of Indian Springs station, on the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad. The water is good and the supply is about 25 barrels per day. 299. Miller Well, No. 1, Nye County (E-6).— This is a well dug by Mr. Miller, on the stage and automobile road from Las Vegas to Bullfrog. It is about 8 miles northwest of the Fairbanks Ranch, at an elevation of 2,555 feet (U. S. Geological Survey). The well is about 200 feet deep, and will supply 200 barrels per day. There is no rope, as the well has not been used since 1905. .300. Fairbanks Ranch, Nye County (E-7).—This is a well-known ranch and stopping place for travelers on the roads leading from Barnwell to Ivanpah, Cal., and from Roach and Jean, Nev., northward by way of Manse. The ranch is near the north end of Ash Meadows, at the southeastern edge of what is known as the Amargosa Desert. It has been occupied and cultivated for a number of years, and is supplied with an abundance of water from springs that suffice to irrigate a large tract. Both grain and provisions may be obtained here by travelers. Roads lead from Fairbanks Ranch southeastward to Pahrump (35 miles away) and to Manse (40 miles away). There are no regular watering places between Fairbanks Ranch and Pahrump. Other roads toward the northeast and north connect with the main Las Vegas-Bullfrog road at Miller Well No. 2, and still other roads lead westward to Furnace Creek and the north end of Death Valley. Specific details as to all these roads can be had at the ranch. 301. Miller Well No. 2, Nye County (E-7).—This well, now abandoned, was dug by Mr. Miller on the stage and automobile road from

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