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vineyards show the capabilities of the desert soil when water can be applied to it in sufficient quantity. The springs are over 20 feet in diameter and from 5 to 6 feet deep. The bottom is of white sand, and warm water boils up through thin in large volume. These important springs and those of similar character at Saratoga Springs, Resting Springs, and Indian Springs, all occur along a line that runs nearly northeast and southwest. All of them are remarkable for the volume and purity of the water they yield. 311. Mountain Spring, Lincoln County (F-9).—This spring is about 4 miles, air line, southwest of Wilson's ranch, and on the other (the western) slope of Spring Mountain. It is about 8 miles north west of Crystal Springs (No. 316), and is but little below the highest point on the road from Las Vegas westward to the Pahrump Valley. It is close by the roadside and its position is well marked. The supply of water is ample. There are many springs in Spring Mountain, many of which arc well known locally and may be reached by roads or trails from Pahrump, Manse, Las Vegas, and points on the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake, and Las Vegas and Tonopah railroads. 312. Tule Springs, Lincoln County (F-10).—These springs are about 12 miles northwest of Las Vegas, on the road from Las Vegas to Bullfrog. The waters rise along the edge of a dry lake in the northwestern extension of Las Vegas Valley. They are the first springs to be found along this road beyond Las Vegas. 313. Vegas Springs, Lincoln County (F-10).—These are warm springs about 2 miles west of the city of Las Vegas. They yield a supply that is used locally for irrigation. Fremont stopped here May 3, 1844, and speaks of the waters as "two narrow streams of clear water, 4 or 5 feet deep, with a quick current, from two singularly large springs." The water has a pleasant taste, but is rather too warm to be agreeable, the temperatures being respectively 71° and 73° in the two springs. 314. Mesquite Springs, Lincoln County (F-11).—These springs are about 10 miles southeast of Las Vegas, on the south road leading thence to Callville. The water supply is reported to be good, and the position of the springs is clearly marked by camp rubbish. Mesquite Wells (No. 320) are in Mesquite Dry Lake, about 35 miles southwest, on the western edge of the State. 315. Stump Spring, Lincoln County (G-9).—This spring is about halfway between Sandy and Manse, on the old stage road from Ivanpah to Manse. It is protected by curbing, and the water must be drawn by a bucket. Roads from Stump Spring lead westward to Resting Springs, and eastward to Las Vegas, both by way of Crystal Springs (No. 316) and by way of Wilson's ranch (No. 317).

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