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316. Crystal Springs, Lincoln County (G-9).—These springs are in a pass between two ranges that have only local names, about 8 miles southeast of Wilson's ranch. They are plainly marked, as they have been used for many years by the settlers. 317. Wilson's Spring, Lincoln County (G-10).—This spring is on the well-known Wilson ranch, about 20 miles south of west from Las Vegas, on the road from Las Vegas to Stump Spring. The water is used for irrigating the ranch. 318. Cottonwood Springs, Lincoln County (G-10).—These springs are 4 miles southeast of Wilson's ranch and about 18 or 20 miles southwest of Las Vegas, on the old wagon road from Las Vegas to Good Springs or Jean station. The water is good and its amount great enough to irrigate a small ranch. 319. Sandy, Lincoln County (H-9).—Sandy, a mining settlement and post-office, is on the old stage road from Ivanpah to Manse. It is about 1 mile north of Mesquite Dry Lake and about 16 miles west of Good Springs or Jean station, on the Salt Lake Railroad. Water is to be had at several near-by points east and south, but on the road running northward the nearest water is found at Stump Spring, about 18 miles away. There are stores in the settlement, where supplies may be obtained. 320. Mesquite Wells, Lincoln County (H-9).—These wells are in a clump of mesquite trees in Mesquite Dry Lake, about 3 miles south of Sandy post-office, on the stage road from Ivanpah to Manse. They are protected by curbing, and the water stands so near to the surface that it is easily drawn up in a bucket. The quantity is sufficient and the quality fair. 321. New England Springs, Lincoln County (H-9).—These springs are between Jean and Sandy, on the road connecting the two points. At the springs a branch road turns northward to Crystal Springs and Wilson's. The flow of the springs is estimated at 1 or 2 miner's inches. 322. Good Springs, Lincoln County (H-10).—These springs are on the road to Sandy post-office, about 6 miles west of Jean station. There are large mines in operation near by, and a settlement has grown up around them. The supply of water is large and its quality is indicated by the name. 323. Piute Springs, Lincoln County (I-11).—These springs are about 13 or 14 miles from Barnwell station (Manvel post-office), just east of the California-Nevada line, in the Piute Range. The main road from Barnwell to Searchlight runs about 3 miles north of them, but there is a dim trail between these places that passes the springs. Their exact location can best be ascertained by inquiries at the railroad station. The water issues from the granite that forms the axis of this range, and is pure and sweet. Other Piute Springs (No. 149) lie in Piute Pass, about 20 miles south.

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