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COLORADO RIVER BASIN. House of Representatives, Committee on Irrigation and Reclamation, Washington, D. C, February 5, 1926. The committee met, pursuant to call, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the committee room in the House Office Building, Hon. Addison T. Smith, presiding. THE CHAIRMAN. The committee will come to order. The first business this morning is the consideration of H.R. 6251, to provide for the protection and development of the lower Colorado River Basin which, without objection, will be printed in the record in full. (The bill referred to is here printed in full, as follows:) [H.R. 6251, Sixty-ninth Congress, first session] A BILL To provide for the protection and development of the lower Colorado River Basin. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United State3 of America in Congress assembled, That for the purpose of regulating the lower Colorado River, controlling the floods therein and equating and stabilizing the flow thereof, providing storage of the waters thereof for reclamation and other beneficial uses within the United States, making possible the development of electrical power and providing of homes for honorably discharged men and women of the United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps who served therein during the war with Germany, the war with Spain or in the suppression of the insurrection in the Philippines, the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to construct a dam and incidental works in the main stream of the Colorado River at Black Canyon or Boulder Canyon adequate to create a storage reservoir of a capacity of not less than 20,000,000 acre-feet of water and to acquire by proceedings in eminent domain or otherwise all lands and rights of way necessary for said dam, reservoir, and incidental works; also to construct a main canal and appurtenant structures located entirely within the United States, connecting the Laguna Dam or other suitable diversion works to be located and constructed by the said Secretary, on said river, with the Imperial and Coachella Valleys in California; also to construct such other canals and structures as may be required for the delivery of water from said reservoir and said river to lands in the States of Arizona, Nevada, and California, which said Secretary may find practicable of irrigation and reclamation therefrom and to acquire by proceedings in eminent domain or otherwise all rights of way necessary for such canals and structures: Provided, however, That no expenditures for the construction of canals or appurtenant structures authorized hereunder shall be made until the lands to be irrigated thereby shall have first been legally obligated to repay their proper portions, according to benefits, as may be determined by the said Secretary, of the total costs thereof, together with expenses of their operation and maintenance, to the United States in accordance with the terms and conditions of repayment prescribed in the act of Congress approved June 17, 1902, entitled "An act appropriating the receipts from the sale and disposal of public lands in certain States and Territories to the construction of irrigation works for the reclamation of arid lands" and acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto, hereinafter

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