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3 and incidental works as the water allocated to such political subdivision bears to all the water available for the generation of power at said dam, together with a like proportion of the annual expense of operating and maintaining such dam and incidental works, and interest at the rate of 4 per centum per annum on the unpaid portion of such proportionate part of such cost. Any or all of the installments of such proportionate part of such cost may be paid in advance: Provided, That, in any event, such political subdivision shall pay to the United States within five years from and after the making of such allotment one-half of the total amount to be paid by such political subdivision under this section. The right to use for the generation of electrical power the water so allocated shall continue after the completion of the payment of such proportionate part of such cost so long as such political subdivision shall pay annually its proportionate part of such expense of operating and maintaining such clam and incidental works. The said Secretary is authorized on such terms and under such general regulations as he may prescribe to make any contracts which may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this section. The use is hereby authorized of such public and reserved lands of the United States as the said Secretary shall determine to be necessary or convenient for the construction, operation, and maintenance of power plants, works, and transmission lines under the allocations in this act provided for. SEC. 5. The title to canals and incidental works in connection therewith shall remain in the United States until such time as the United States shall have been reimbursed for the cost thereof, together with expenses incurred in their operation and maintenance, whereupon the said Secretary shall transfer title to such canals and incidental works to the districts or other agencies or owners of land paying therefor: Provided; That the right to develop power from the water in any canal constructed under this act, at points along such canal shall belong to the districts, communities, and lands which contribute to the construction costs of such canal and appurtenant structures, in proportion to their contributions: And provided further, That so long as any money is owing to the United States on account of the construction of said canals and appurtenant structures, the net proceeds from any power development in said canals shall be applied upon such construction charges and covered into the Treasury of the United States, and credited to the various districts, communities, and lands in accordance with their interests in said canals. Sec. 6. That no part of the cost of the construction of said dam or incidental works, or the acquisition of lands or rights of way for said reservoir or incidental works, shall be charged against any lands to be irrigated therefrom. Sec. 7. That the dam and reservoir provided for by section 1 hereof shall be used first, for river regulation and flood control; second, for domestic and irrigation use; and third, for power. The title to said dam and incidental works and reservoir created thereby shall forever remain in the United States and the United States shall always control, manage, and operate the same. Sec. 8. (a) That the United States, in managing and operating the dam, canals, and other works herein authorized, including the delivery of water for the generation of power, irrigation, or other uses, shall observe and be subject to and controlled by the Colorado River Compact as signed at Santa Fe, New Mexico, on November 24, 1922, and particularly described in section 13 herein. (b) All rights of the United States in or to waters of the Colorado River howsoever acquired, as well as the rights hereafter arising of those claiming under the United States, shall be subject to and controlled by said compact. (c) Also all patents, grants, contracts, concessions, leases, permits, licenses, rights of way, or other privileges from the United States or under its authority, necessary or convenient for the use of waters of the Colorado River, or for the generation or transmission of hydroelectric power generated by means of the waters of said river, shall be upon the express condition and with the express covenant that the rights of the recipients or holders thereof to waters of the river, for the use of which the same is necessary, convenient, or incidental, shall likewise be subject to and controlled by said compact. (d) The conditions and covenants referred to herein shall be deemed to run with the land and water right, and shall attach as a matter of law, whether set out or referred to in the instrument evidencing any such patent, grant,

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